As her gospel voice fills the room, the nervous teenager takes a deep breath, and all four judges press their buttons.

Somer Smith, a 19-year-old singing prodigy, was on an emotional rollercoaster after learning she had been chosen to participate in The Voice: Australia’s premier blind auditions.

Excitement, eagerness, and a tinge of terror surged through her veins.

Her prior performances had been limited to the intimate environment of family groups. Still, she was set to take center stage on national television, in front of the esteemed judges—Delta Goodrem, Joe Jonas, Kelly Rowland, and Boy George.

Despite her apparent fear, Somer was steadfast in her goal to overcome her concerns and pursue her vocation entirely. With her enthralling performance, she sought the sensation of turning one of those coveted judges’ chairs.

She decided to exhibit her talent with an old and soulful Gospel song, “His Eye Is on the Sparrow,” written in 1905. The stage awaited her arrival, and she felt a palpable dread as she stepped into the spotlight.

The judges could see she was nervous, so she took a few moments to collect herself before unleashing her deep voice on the eager audience.

What began as a timid performance quickly evolved into a forceful and confident show of vocal skill. Coach Delta Goodrem was the first to notice Somer’s voice’s overwhelming force and brilliance, and she quickly pressed the button to spin her chair around in amazement.

Kelly Rowland and Boy George couldn’t help but turn their chairs when they heard Somer’s voice, and Joe Jonas wasn’t far behind, rounding out the quartet of thrilled judges.

The richness of Somer’s deep and resonant voice permeated the room, and the crowd couldn’t help but applaud, appreciating the extraordinary performance unfolding before them.

She had poured her heart and soul into her performance, completely immersing herself in the soul-stirring tune. The judges were in awe as they observed a young star baring her soul on that vast stage.

As Somer finished her enthralling performance, the overwhelming response from the audience and all four judges was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

The entire crowd rose in applause, a witness to the emotional effect of Somer’s performance. Each judge lavished her with praise, eager to mentor this remarkable talent and add her to their teams.

Delta Goodrem couldn’t stop exclaiming, “We’ve just discovered a star in you!”

Joe Jonas adored the singer, adding, “Your voice is why I joined this show.” It was love at first note, and your commanding performance is simply extraordinary.”

The audience applauded in unison, nodding according to everything the judges said. Some had hoped for at least one chair to turn, but the stars had aligned, and all four judges saw her brilliance.

She was now presented with a difficult decision: which of these music industry titans should she choose as her mentor?

Somer ultimately made her decision to join Team Kelly after much deliberation. It was a joyous occasion for Kelly Rowland, who was overjoyed to have such a fantastic talent on her side.

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