Michael Lockwood, Lisa Marie Presley’s ex-husband, came up following her untimely death. Priscilla Presley told People magazine on January 12, “my beautiful daughter Lisa Marie has passed away.”

“I had never known a lady as passionate, powerful, and loving as she was,” Lockwood said. It’s believed she had a heart arrest. “We seek privacy as we mourn this heartbreaking loss. Thank you for your prayers and consideration. We will make no more comments at this time.”

Lisa Marie’s marriage to Lockwood lasted eleven years, from 2006 to 2016, when they had twin children. Before that, she married Danny Keough from 1998 to 1994 and had two children with him, Finley and Harper, as well as Benjamin Keough (who unfortunately died in 2020) and star Riley Keough.

Michael Lockwood, Lisa Marie Presley’s ex-husband, has issued a statement expressing his sympathies to the Presley family and providing an update on who currently has custody of their teenage girls following her unexpected death. In his view, Michael said his profound affection for Lisa Marie and how much she cherished being a mother to their children.

Lisa Marie had previously spoken with ABC News about her excitement at being a parent and how it made everything around her look better before the birth of their twins in 2004. The joy and fulfillment she felt in this was something she talked about frequently and sincerely. She said that children serve as anchors for adults, drawing them away from their own identities and compelling them to focus entirely on themselves.

Michael is now left with both of his girls, who look up to him for comfort and support at this challenging time. He is quickly learning what it is like to be a single father, but he also realizes that no matter what happens in life, his children will always be there for him, just as he will always be there for them.

Following her beloved son, Benjamin’s terrible death in 2020, Lisa Marie Presley was distraught and publicly voiced her enormous grief. She posted a devastating essay with People Magazine in August 2022, expressing how her desire to protect and provide for her girls was a big motivator for her continuous will to live.

Michael Lockwood expressed his deep concern for his and Lisa Marie’s condition in light of the medical issue that finally led to her untimely demise. His lawyer stated that Lockwood was doing well despite the circumstances, but Lisa Marie’s rehabilitation process and maintaining a safe home for their children were the primary concerns.

In an interview with Us Weekly, the attorney emphasized how much better off their two young children would be without such turbulence in their lives; Michael continues to pray for a speedy recovery so he can do everything he can to assure their well-being.

Despite Michael Lockwood’s words of support and encouragement to his ex-wife through a tough time in her life, their relationship did not appear to be amicable after their divorce in 2016. The two had been mired in a bitter legal struggle over custody of their children, Harper and Finley, that had grown increasingly nasty over time.

According to Us Weekly, the couple formally finalized their divorce in May 2021 after spending several years working out the terms of their split. Michael’s feelings for Lisa had altered by this stage; according to an anonymous source speaking with The Sun in 2021, he was ready to move on and start a new life with his girlfriend, Stephanie Hobgood.

According to the insider, Michael may have delayed applying for child support because the process took so long; he wanted to ensure everything was settled before finalizing the divorce and was still bargaining over assets with Lisa.

Furthermore, they adamantly disputed that he desired for them to continue together, claiming, “He has no issue with the divorce because he is anxious to wed Stephanie [Hobgood] and go on with his life.” After months of negotiations, Michael and Lisa finally completed the necessary papers and finalized their divorce in May 2021.