The Flight Attendant Who Saved a Life

Flying is typically a thrilling and pleasant experience, full of expectation and delight. The journey is a time of delight and excitement, whether it is a much-needed vacation or a visit to a loved one.

But, every now and then, in the midst of all the joy, something unexpected occurs, and life takes a sad turn. This is the story of Sheila Frederick, a flight attendant whose encounter on a flight between Seattle and San Francisco changed her life forever.

The Unsettling Presence of a Stranger

Sheila noticed something peculiar as she went about her responsibilities on the aircraft. An elderly man sat next to a young blonde girl wearing ragged clothes. Sheila sensed a strong sense of urgency in the girl’s stare when their gazes collided. Something was clearly wrong. Sheila decided to approach the man and learn more once her senses kicked in.

A Suspicious Message and a Daring Plan

When Sheila questioned him, the man grew defensive and furious. She had a feeling there was more to the scenario than met the eye. She devised a strategy in order to assist.

Sheila placed a pen and paper in the restroom, hoping the young girl would discover it if she needed help. She then motioned for the girl to go the restroom and awaited her return with bated breath.

The Life-Changing Note

Sheila told the girl to use the restroom, and Sheila’s heart began to race with excitement. When she eventually got her hands on the paper that had been left for the child, she was met with a terrifying message: “I need help.”

Sheila wasted no time in contacting the authorities after realizing the girl was in urgent danger. When the plane touched down, the police were ready to catch the individual responsible for the girl’s ordeal.

Disclosing the Unknown

The 14-year-old girl had been a victim of human trafficking. She had been kidnapped only two months before and had been subjected to unspeakable torture. Sheila’s quick thinking and actions resulted in her rescue and the capture of the trafficker.

The Influence of Awareness

Sheila’s bravery is not an isolated occurrence. Airline Ambassadors International, for example, trains flight attendants to spot indicators of human trafficking. These diligent attendants actively combat this horrific crime by collaborating with US Customs and Border Patrol.

Sheila joined forces with Airline Ambassadors after her incident in 2011 and obtained the information needed to identify similar scenarios in the future.

“There are many warning signs to be aware of,” Sheila says.

The Unsettling Truth

Unfortunately, the United Nations estimates that around 1.2 million children are victims of human trafficking each year. Forced labor, sexual exploitation, and even enlistment as child soldiers affect both boys and girls. These atrocities need our immediate attention and action.

Fortunately, Sheila’s alertness and determination saved the life of a young girl. Let us celebrate her bravery, as well as the efforts of all flight attendants who work diligently to stop human trafficking. Share this article to help raise awareness and fight this ongoing problem. We can make a difference if we work together.