The popular reality series “Pawn Stars” has fascinated viewers with its unique registration of antiques since its start in 2009.

The show has always promised to show some of the strangest and oldest things, like rare coins and one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

After being on the air for less than a year, the History Channel had already reached record levels of viewers.

So, despite the show’s many problems and scandals, the network has kept renewing it because of how popular it is and how much it affects culture.

Visiting the Gold & Silver Pawn shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Clients of all kinds come to Richard “Old Man” Harrison, his son Rick Harrison, grandchild Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, and Corey’s longterm partner Austin “Chumlee” Russell to cash in their treasures.

With such an unusual mix of people and products passing through the door, it was only natural that this became the center of the hit show “Pawn Stars.”

Each week, people tune in to see how exciting stories develop from strange finds, but they have also seen fights between the group members.

This season has been anything but uninteresting, from legal disputes between Rick and Old Man to Chumlee’s arrest for cocaine possession.

Even while some of these scandals have stunned viewers, it just amplifies their anticipation for what will happen next, demonstrating why ‘Pawn Stars’ is one of the most popular series on television.

David Walters allegedly had a priceless coin collection that his niece, Jennifer Beckman, removed in 2013 and sold to the Gold & Silver Pawn shop.

Beckman made roughly $12,375 from the transaction, significantly less than Walters’ estimate of the coins value of more than $50,000. When Walters reported the missing cash, the police called Gold & Silver Pawn and learned they were no longer available.

A company spokeswoman said the coins could have been melted down or put in a box with other currencies waiting to be valued.

They disputed Walters’ appraisal of the coins, claiming that none of the “Pawn Stars” cast members had done anything improper.

Rick Harrison, a pawnbroker, has an odd clientele. He’s seen everything, from people on a tight budget looking for a great deal to desperate people looking for a chance to make money and boxing fans betting money they can’t afford to lose.

Harrison even moonlights as an unofficial bail bondsman for the rare pimp needing quick cash to post bail. Despite liking pimp culture, he is conservative regarding social matters.

During a CNN interview about his support for Marco Rubio, he stated his strong opposition to transphobic legislation enabling men to use women’s facilities if they felt they were of a different gender.

He argued that “bad males” seeking access to young women would take advantage of this, which he believes would result from the law’s passage.

Corey Harrison’s crazy night out at Jefferson City’s Spectators Club in 2014 will undoubtedly be remembered for years.

The rider was on an extended sponsored tour and had been drinking hard for seven nights straight when he eventually stopped in town.

His level of alcohol was so high that bystanders smelled trouble as he walked into the bar. He then downed many shots before unwittingly exposing his body to the public by urinating on a bar stool.

To make matters worse, Corey then stripped down to his underpants and took selfies with supporters before being expelled from the venue for throwing a seat across the room.

Corey admitted to his wrongdoings in an interview, saying it was not one of his greatest moments. He expressed his heartfelt apologies for the unacceptable behavior he had displayed.

Austin “Chumlee” Russell has always been regarded as one of the most dubious characters on “Pawn Stars.” According to accounts, Russell was involved in an argument with another person in 2012 and allegedly escaped before law enforcement officers arrived.

Chumlee said it only did what it did because the alleged victim pointed a gun at him and his friends. However, when the police detained him in 2016 on twenty different charges, that incident would plague him years later.

Law enforcement detained Russell after a search guarantee was performed on his home in response to allegations of sexual assault.

The allegations, however, were ultimately withdrawn, leaving Chumlee to deal with the implications of what was discovered during the raid.

Officers discovered a variety of substances, including marijuana, methamphetamine, and Xanax. Traces of cocaine were also found, as were 12 guns, eight of which were not registered.

USA Today says that Russell pleaded guilty to illegally having a gun and trying to have illegal drugs so he wouldn’t have to go to prison.

According to the New York Post, Richard and Rick Harrison was accused of physically beating Daniel Callahan, a Vietnam veteran, after an argument occurred over his Model 96B rifle, which he had brought in for evaluation.

Elmer Callahan filed a complaint against Gold & Silver Pawn and its owners, the Harrison family, in April 2012, alleging physical abuse.

According to Callahan, they had taken him in a chokehold, dragged him through the store, and then thrown him onto the pavement.

His gun and walking stick were damaged due to the incident. In response to the complaint, Rick Harrison’s son, Corey Harrison, alleged that Callahan was violent and called for them to bring out the owner.

He went on to justify his employees’ behavior, claiming that if he had been present at the moment, he would have acted the same way they did, given Callahan’s temperament.

Product placement is an excellent way to make money, especially in TV and movies, where companies are willing to pay celebrities a lot to promote their products quietly.

“Pawn Stars” is particularly well-known for its genuine product placement; there’s a reason why the cast is usually seen eating foot-longs with logo-covered wrappers or conversing at Subway restaurants.

Trend Chaser says that Subway is one of the show’s main sponsors, and Corey Harrison holding up a Subway sandwich while talking about an auction in one of their locations is proof of this.

On another occasion, Chumlee joked that after losing weight, he would be the “next Jared from Subway,” an unfortunate reference to Jared Fogle, the former spokesperson who pled guilty to sex crimes.