The Question That Always Comes Up in Relationships

In the course of a relationship, there are certain questions that tend to arise sooner or later. These conversations can range from hypothetical scenarios to more deep and personal discussions. One common question that often comes up early on in a relationship, especially between a man and a woman, is inquiring about their past romantic experiences and the number of partners they’ve had. It may not always be a comfortable conversation, but it’s one that frequently takes place.

Let me share with you a funny story about a newlywed couple who took this question to the extreme. To truly appreciate the humor, you should read the entire joke until the end. I promise, the punchline will leave you laughing!

So, there they are, a newlywed couple lying in bed. The husband, filled with curiosity, asks his wife about the number of men she has been with. However, despite his inquiry, the woman remains silent, her gaze fixed on the ceiling. Undeterred, the husband persists, assuring her that it’s okay to share and saying, “Just tell me, it’s alright. How many men have you been with?” Still met with silence, the wife’s eyes continue to be fixed above.

Realizing that his words may have caused discomfort, the husband quickly apologizes, saying, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you. I simply thought we could have an open and trusting relationship…” But even with his apology, his wife remains silent. Feeling a sense of defeat, the husband concedes and pleads with her not to be upset.

Despite his attempts to console her, his wife remains unresponsive. Determined to bridge the gap, the husband takes action. He holds her closely, showering her with hugs and kisses to show his affection. It is in this moment of intimacy that the wife finally breaks her silence. She redirects her gaze from the ceiling to her husband, her expression now filled with frustration. With a hint of exasperation, she blurts out, “Oh, come on! You’ve made me lose count!”

Now that’s a hilarious twist! It goes to show that sometimes, the simple act of love and affection can make all the difference in resolving conflicts, even about questions like this one.

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