Al Roker and his family have gone through a difficult few weeks due to the celebrity’s hospitalization for blood clots that have traveled to his lungs. His family has been by his side during this struggle.

According to reports on Wednesday, the well-liked celebrity could return to his house for the Thanksgiving holiday but had to be brought back to the hospital the next day in an ambulance.

Leila, Al’s youngest daughter, has spoken out about the recent occurrences. She expressed her feelings over her father’s disclosure that he is receiving prostate cancer treatment in a series of Instagram posts.

Leila began by thanking everyone for their help and concern for her and her family. She went on to say that she is proud of her father for tackling his illness head-on and that she will be there for him throughout his treatment.

Leila concluded her posts with an encouraging word for anyone going through a difficult moment. She encouraged them to maintain their courage and never give up hope.

After checking in on her father, she shared a series of optimistic photographs with her fans.

“Hope your dad is feeling and doing well,” one user remarked, while another commented, “Love to you!” and a third said, “Praying for many wonderful times, as well as prayers for your family and your father.”

On Thursday, November 24, the Today show’s beloved host returned home just in time to enjoy the holidays with his loved ones. He was taken back to the hospital by ambulance shortly after being released. Regardless, he did not return to his hosting responsibilities and will not return the following week.

Al’s wife, Deborah, is reported to have quickly followed her husband’s ambulance from their Upper East Side residence back to the hospital.

Even though Al has maintained his Instagram page active by providing daily life updates to his fans, his most recent post was almost a week ago.

Deborah posted an update on Facebook and a photo of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree being lit on TV, shot from what appeared to be a hospital room.

We ask your prayers and support for the famous television personality, Al Roker. We pray to our Lord to give him strength and bravery during this trying time. May he be surrounded by calm, comfort, and love as he goes through his therapy.

We also express our sympathy to everyone impacted by prostate cancer and other types of cancer. In these challenging times, may God bless us with hope and healing. Amen.