Not only would Paul be a father to his first child, but he would also have five children! His girlfriend was nine months pregnant and ready to give birth, or so Paul thought. The father met the one who would become the midwife of his children at the hospital, but the woman told Paul that, unfortunately, he was the victim of a lie.

Barbara met Paul online, and after exchanging messages, the two met and began dating. Barbara had been in a relationship with him for two months when she told him that they are pregnant. Paul was overjoyed to hear the news and excited to become a father.

Later, Barbara told him they would have twins. Paul was more and more excited to meet his children. Later, Barbara’s belly grew, and finally, she told Paul they would have five children.

Paul was overwhelmed when he heard the news, but he was just as excited because he would become a father. Paul also announced to his parents that they would become grandparents, and he was so excited that he shared the news with his friends on social media. Also, future grandparents were very happy to hear this news and began preparing for their new role as grandparents.

Paul has prepared a room with five beds for his children to have everything they need. He also received various donations to help him raise his five children. When the time came for Barbara to give birth, Paul and his girlfriend went to the hospital to greet their children.

But Paul did not know what was going to happen.

The midwife came to do some blood tests on Barbara but was shocked that there was no pregnancy. Barbara was immediately taken for some medical examinations to see what was wrong.

Paul was shocked by what was happening. He had already chosen the children’s names and was extremely excited about his new life as a father.

There seems to be a condition called “phantom pregnancy”. The person believes that she has all the symptoms of pregnancy and considers that she is about to give birth.

We hope that Paul will find happiness and succeed in becoming a father. This is his dream.