This girl regained her hands with the assistance of physicians after losing them in an accident—praise the Lord!

Alexia, the young girl who miraculously returned her hands after an accident, was warmly welcomed home by family and friends.

Alexia had surgery to restore her hands after being hospitalized since the accident in Pascani that caused her to lose a section of them.

The surgery was judged a success, and Alexia was released from the hospital on the first day of the New Year to be hugged by the arms of those who loved her the most.

Everyone was overcome with emotion as they celebrated Alexia’s recovery, welcoming her back home with newfound vitality and happiness.

Alexia’s family was filled with pleasure and emotion when she returned home after a successful surgery. The surgery, which was performed for the first time at the European level, required more than 50 hours of work by an expert team of doctors.

Mara Popescu, Daniela Botez, Bogdan Caba, lannis Gardikiotis, Roxana Cretu, Romica Rusu, Andrei Ivan, Lavinia lonescu, Veaceslav Cuciuc, Tudor Ciobanu, Dana Horobet, and Mimi Fermesanu were among the team members.

It was only the second bilateral arm replantation reported in Europe, and it was a significant accomplishment for everyone involved.

Alexia described experiencing a more profound sense of calm than in the hospital and expressed her joy at reuniting with her loved ones. Her father was pleased to see her safe return home.