Going to school alone can be unpleasant for many children, especially as they get used to this new chapter in their life. Axel Johnson, though, seemed ecstatic as he prepared to start school.

His mother Amy took a picture of him when he was waiting for the school bus, and he was smiling. This could mean he is looking forward to the new opportunities at school and may not mind being away from his parents.

Axel was anxious to take his first trip even though he was looking forward to it. He resisted leaving his mother. He believed he would be tough, but he was pretty sensitive.

The bus driver, Isabel Lane quickly saw Axel’s face change from eager and happy to go to school, to sad, but she was, however, keen to persuade him that taking the bus and attending school with kids his own age were not in any way risky.

Axel accepted the hand Axel gave to him as he sat in the seat behind Isabel. Amy was able to capture this unique moment on camera.

Axel seemed unsure about riding the bus to school. He appeared to change his mind after Isabel Lane, the bus driver, convinced him and assured him everything would be alright. Amy skillfully captured the scene.

Isabel proved that she was more than just a driver by showing concern for the children’s welfare. Even if his mother wasn’t with him on the bus, she wanted Axel to know he could always count on her.

Amy thought the photo of her son with the bus driver was so intriguing that she posted it on Facebook.

She expected that people would find it useful, but she had no clue that it would receive such great reviews. She was so upbeat that the terrified child relaxed.

Many people praised Isabel’s photo of her and her son on social media. She was quite aback by how many people responded positively to the picture. Isabel is happy that she could record a special moment with her son.

The satisfying conclusion to Axel’s story. He knew he had a friend in Isabel. Therefore the following day, he was no longer terrified. He smiled and couldn’t wait to start his new journey.

Axel eagerly anticipates each new school day, primarily because of Isabel. The video below has the whole story, which you can see.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about it; you never know. It might inspire someone to make a good decision.