Toby Keith Makes Triumphant Return to the Stage After Cancer Diagnosis

Toby Keith

Over the holiday weekend, country music legend Toby Keith made a triumphant return to the stage for the first time since revealing his stomach cancer diagnosis last summer. With two unexpected concerts, Keith showed the world that he is not ready to slow down just yet.

On June 30 and July 1, the 61-year-old singer gave two stellar performances at Hollywood Corners in Norman, Oklahoma, the very bar and music venue he owns. Each set lasted an incredible 2.5 hours, showcasing Keith’s undeniable talent and unwavering passion for music.

In an Instagram post on July 1, Keith shared his excitement, saying, “Toby’s first rehearsal turned into a 212-hour pop-up show.” He performed all of his beloved hits as well as the Bus Songs, delighting the audience with his signature sound.

The following evening, Keith took to Instagram once again, sharing images of himself laughing and playing the guitar alongside his longtime friend and business partner Scotty Emerick. The joy and camaraderie captured in those pictures were a testament to Keith’s resilience and determination to overcome his health challenges.

These concerts marked Keith’s first performances since his cancer diagnosis in June 2022. He had previously announced that he was undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery. However, Keith recently gave an update to The Oklahoman, stating that he was “feeling pretty good” and hoped to go on tour again by the end of the year, as long as he could maintain his strength.

“I’m seeing positive progress in my health,” Keith shared. “You never know with cancer, but I’m hopeful. I have more energy now, and I’m considering performing with the band for a few days to see how it goes. If I can get through a couple of nights, then we’ll resume work.”

Keith revealed that his blood tests have been improving, and his tumor has shrunk by about a third. He has also been working with a dietician and undergoing immunotherapy, showing his commitment to his overall well-being.