Toby Keith wants to go “out on the road” this fall due to a stomach cancer tumor that has decreased by one-third.

Later this year, the well-known country music performer expressed his eagerness to return to the stage, underscoring that such is life. Toby Keith, the musician known for “Should’ve Been a Cowboy,” has revealed that he was diagnosed with stomach cancer a year ago but remains optimistic about a quick return to performing.

The country singer says boldly at a gala on June 2, right before his Toby Keith & Friends Golf Tournament, “I’m feeling quite well.” “Overall, things are moving in an extremely positive direction,” he continues.

Despite his battle with cancer, Keith acknowledged the disease’s unpredictability, adding that one must always be prepared. The renowned singer announces his wish to continue traveling before the end of the year as long as he has the endurance for a lengthy performance.

“I’ve regained my strength,” he tells the publication. “I’m even thinking about putting on a multi-day concert with the band to test my endurance for a two-hour show.”

Keith boldly declares that if he is successful, he will be “hitting the road this autumn.”

Furthermore, he states, “All I need to do is prove my ability to handle a few consecutive nights of performances and then take a short break from chemotherapy.” “I’m ready,” the tenacious vocalist insists. That’s just how life is.”

Keith, still undergoing chemotherapy for stomach cancer, tells The Oklahoman that his health is improving.

Not only does he claim to feel “better,” but his blood test results have improved, and his tumor has shrunk by one-third.

Keith is looking forward to his following scan in about eight weeks, expecting an additional reduction in tumor size, as he has only identified one thus far.

Keith reveals that, in addition to chemotherapy, he is currently working with a nutritionist and undergoing immunotherapy treatment, emphasizing his entire approach to fighting the condition.

Keith has only given the public two health updates since revealing his condition. During an interview with CMT Hot 20 Countdown, the singer of “Red Solo Cup” indicated a great desire to resume touring as soon as possible. “I just need some time to recover and heal,” he says.

“While going through this challenging journey can be quite debilitating,” Keith says, “as long as everything goes according to plan, we can expect positive things ahead.”

Keith first shared his stomach cancer diagnosis in the autumn of 2021 in an emotional Instagram message. “I have spent the last six months undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery,” he adds.

So far, the experience has been excellent. Now I need to rest, recuperate, and breathe.” “I’m excited to spend this time with my family,” he continues. But I’ll be back soon to communicate with my fans. I can hardly wait. -T.”

Later that week, in another Instagram post, the country musician expressed gratitude for his fans’ tremendous love and support. He gratefully acknowledges his passionate fan base as the best in the world. -T