Tragic news about American Pickers’ Frank Fritz

Frank Fritz was a well-known television personality, but his personal life had changed for the worse. He met Diann Bankson, a woman with whom he would spend the next several years of his life, during an already difficult time. While their relationship ended, their time together left an indelible mark on both of them.

When Frank and Diann first met in 2014, the two began dating on the side. They moved in together a year later, but things quickly changed when Frank’s divorce proceedings began to take their toll on him. They got engaged in 2017 and bought an Iowa farmhouse as their new home.

He struggled with alcoholism, unemployment, and other health issues that added to his distress. Despite these difficult times for him and Diann, their relationship left a lasting impression on them, even after it ended.

Bankson and Fritz’s relationship took a turn in November of that year when Bankson claimed to have discovered Fritz in bed with another woman. Fritz chose to get a tattoo that said, ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater’ as a reminder of his betrayal.

The end of the relationship cost him a lot of money and emotional pain. To cope with his heartbreak, he turned to heavy drinking, which resulted in significant weight loss over time.

Despite this, he stated that he had done everything in his power to make their relationship work, from purchasing an expensive ring and home to drowning his sorrows in alcohol. He openly admitted that it wasn’t enough for Bankson, who caused him pain and anguish.

Mike Wolfe was dealing with the aftereffects of his troubled marital history, which had left him hurt and broken when he decided to take a break from the dating scene. He also lost his job when he announced in early 2020 that he would no longer be hosting American Pickers on the History Channel after the March season.

Fritz stated that his absence was due to health issues and that he intended to return to the show once the effects of his back surgery had healed. Fritz expressed his desire to re-watch the show. I’m ready to return to the program now that I’m completely healed.

Fritz confirmed that no decision had been made regarding his return. Regardless, he stated that a showrunner had contacted him and promised to bring him back. Even though Fritz has been a part of the show for over a decade, TMZ reported that “there are no plans” for his return as a host.

Furthermore, Bankson met her new boyfriend, an engineering administration supervisor named Eric Longlett. “He took me to witness Elton John’s Yellow Brick Road Farewell Tour – I’m a lucky girl,” she said in a social media post about him. “I love you, babe oxo.”

Furthermore, on July 4, 2022, Fritz was taken to hospital in the wake of having a stroke which had been discovered while he was on the floor at his house by an associate who had quickly dialed 911, mentioning that “he might be having a seizure, I’m not sure.”

His father, Bill Fritz, indicated that he was doing well and recovering daily. Still, unfortunately, rehabilitation did not go as well as everyone had hoped, resulting in guardianship being appointed and him being transferred to a nursing home upon release from the hospital.

On August 18, 2022, a long-time friend was granted permission to manage his guardianship and conservatorship in an emergency. This acquaintance was appointed as his guardian, and the bank was chosen to oversee his financial matters.

This included daily payments for his care facility and any health insurance that he may require, in addition to ongoing maintenance charges and property taxes. It was also necessary to ensure that he had transportation when necessary, such as attending activities or doctor’s appointments.

His friend was required to submit paperwork outlining an initial plan of care to be officially appointed as his guardian; they have been involved in decision-making since the stroke.

To correctly assume this role, he must make several decisions about his living circumstances, including where he should live, what type of health care is appropriate, whether he should participate in any activities, and how he will communicate with family members or potential romantic interests. According to the regulations, the guardian must also create an annual report about their time caring for him.

The paperwork submitted indicated that his health was rapidly deteriorating; he could not make independent decisions, putting him at risk of physical illness or harm. He lacked even the ability to make financial decisions, as well as the ability to communicate them if he did have them effectively. His condition appeared to be far worse than had been previously assumed or thought prior to this revelation.

It’s heartbreaking to think that such a tragedy has occurred to someone as well-known as Mr. Fritz. We can only hope that he recovers quickly and is able to get back on his feet.

The appointed guardian will be in charge of Frank’s health decisions until he is well enough to receive treatment for his injuries and regain control of his life. Unfortunately, these are not easy decisions because they require determining which medical treatments would be most beneficial to Frank and deciding who will have access to his personal information and finances. Nonetheless, these steps must be taken for him to return home safely and resume his daily activities.

Our thoughts are with Frank Fritz during this challenging time, and we wish him the best in his recovery from this horrific ordeal. We encourage everyone aware of this situation to inform their friends and family so they can pray for Frank’s well-being during this difficult time.