Trolls have criticized him for kissing his little son on the lips, and he is furious.

Tom, a loving father from England, never misses an opportunity to show his feelings for his infant son, Roman. However, when their touching moments were published on social media, they sparked controversy and irritated some people.

Trolls accused this father from North England of confusing his five-year-old son by kissing him.

Unafraid of the online reaction, Tom fights back with plain explanations and a strong dose of comedy.

To his relief comes Roman, who boldly states to these perplexing users, “You’re all crazy!” The link between a parent and a kid is powerful and long-lasting, developing children’s moral compass, values, and personalities as they grow.

Every parent approaches child rearing differently, impacted by culture, socioeconomic status, mental and physical well-being, and personal preferences.

Tom, from Yorkshire, England, is a steadfast father of two who refuses to allow trolls and their cruel comments to influence his parenting style.

Aside from his crystal blue eyes, delightful accent, and well-sculpted and tattooed form, Tom’s dedication to his boys, particularly five-year-old Roman and the newborn Raphael Reign, born in mid-May 2023, has won many hearts. Tom routinely posts films on TikTok highlighting fatherly moments.

Nowadays, most of Tom’s TikTok posts involve him responding to charges that he is confusing Roman or putting him at risk from strangers or viruses. Nonetheless, Tom refuses to give up.

This feisty Northern English mom responded to a commenter who commented, “Just beautiful each, but don’t kiss him on the lips.” Tom’s fervent response stressed that he would continue to spend affectionate kisses on his five-year-old child for as long as it was appropriate. “I find it troubling that it bothers you,” Tom said in response.

“I will kiss my five-year-old on the lips for as long as I see fit, as long as he permits it.” I adore him as my best friend. He could not want me to one day, and he might distance himself from me.

So, for now, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.” Fans rallied around him with remarks such as, “I love kissing my kids and now my granddaughter.”

People who believe it is wrong are the ones who are concerned,” and “stupid!” exclaimed another user who had lost her father. “I used to kiss my father on the lips; he died two years ago.”I wish I could cuddle and kiss him one more time.”

“He is the most affectionate little boy, and it’s because we raise him with love,” Tom said, grateful for the wise words and feedback.

However, one user’s unsubstantiated claim prompted Tom to respond quickly with a video. “You shouldn’t kiss him BECAUSE of the bacteria in your mouth,” the commenter said. Did you know that having them and kissing them can make your youngster more susceptible to cavities?” In a witty post that received nearly 123,000 likes, Tom commented, “Wow.

As a result, when I kiss my five-year-old on the lips, he develops cavities. Because his father loves him, he’ll have holes.” Tom then turned to Roman and inquired about his thoughts. “Don’t be silly!” shouted the child, grinning and closing the sentence with a kiss on his father’s lips.

The ridiculous idea that Tom kissing Roman would cause cavities infuriated the audience. “Who taught that person…?” “You keep kissing each other,” one user said, and another added, “That is so ridiculous…and I work as a dentist.” They went on, “Continue being the kind father you are. ‘My son is adorable.’”

Tom released a now-viral video of himself in the car with Roman on his lap in early July. The roughly 579,000-liked message reassured everyone that nothing would change. “Don’t worry,” Tom wrote. Nothing is going to change.”

“Roman, what do you think of people who think you shouldn’t kiss me on the lips?” he asked his son. “You’re all insane,” Roman asserted boldly. That’s my dad!” The touching video ended with the father and child sharing a beautiful kiss.

Fans rallied in Tom’s defense, pledging steadfast support, with one user saying, “Some people are just sick.”

He is adorable and will let you know if he dislikes it as he ages.” “In my culture, we kiss on the cheeks,” another commenter noted, “but I love that father-son relationship.”

“Do you have a problem with him kissing his son on the lips because he is a man?” someone answered, challenging the trolls abusing the Yorkshire father. If it were the mother, I’m sure you wouldn’t.”

“I have genuinely been interested in this aspect, as it is something I have contemplated as well,” Tom responded, grateful for the vital message emphasized by this remark.

No one would have said anything if that had been a mother kissing her child. When it’s a father loving his child, it always draws criticism, and I’m not sure why since it’s always from this small, weird minority.” “I appreciate that a woman is pointing this out as well,” he continued, “thank you for that, and I won’t change anything.”

In another video, the father expressed irritation in response to a comment claiming that the loving embrace between father and son may expose the child to hazardous individuals.

“Fact: You should never kiss your children on the lips. Because, as you can see, not everyone has the finest intentions. “Don’t make it acceptable!” said one of the commenters. “So, if I kiss my five-year-old, he’ll think it’s okay to kiss strangers, stranger adults… obviously!” Tom fired back. “So let’s follow that logic,” he said, trying not to laugh.

“I can’t even drive him anywhere because he might get into a stranger’s car and think it’s normal.” He can’t live in my house anymore. He might walk into a stranger’s home and think that’s normal.”

The dedicated parent offered an alternative viewpoint: “Or, hear me out, we could… Teach him that he has a mother and father and that kissing them is natural, but kissing shady Barry down the street is not.”

Most of Tom’s online community stands firmly behind him, praising his love for his son. Witnessing Tom’s unwavering stance against online trolls, who cannot dictate his parenting decisions, is heartening.

What are your thoughts on fathers kissing their children on the lips? Do you believe it’s equally acceptable for a mother to do the same?