Two months ago, grandparents who had been married for 70 years were discovered dead on a “minimum maintenance road’ after going missing.

After a two-month search, authorities discovered the bodies of 89-year-old Robert and 92-year-old Loveda Proctor. Unfortunately, the couple was found dead inside a car on a Buffalo County low-maintenance road.

The Aurora Police Department reported no evidence of foul play and that investigating their deaths is still underway.

When their son, Victor Proctor, arrived at his parents’ house to deliver meals, he discovered no one present and darkness shrouding the place.

Tammy Proctor, his wife, also mentioned that her mother-in-law usually avoided driving at night.

As officials continue investigating, more information on the circumstances behind Robert and Loveda Proctor’s terrible deaths may emerge. Until then, their loved ones must mourn the loss of valued family members.

When an older couple, Bob and Loveda, did not return home one night, Tammy and Victor became concerned. They decided to submit a missing person’s report after initially believing the couple had been disoriented on their way back.

Bob and Loveda were last seen on surveillance tape at a hospital in Grand Island and the next day at a convenience store in Hastings.

Unfortunately, this would be the couple’s final sighting. Bob, a Navy veteran, had dementia, and Loveda was his dedicated carer. This crucial information was not uncovered until a month after the couple went missing, which was heartbreaking.

Victor revealed how much of an emotional toll this event has had on him and Tammy. They have been unable to work since Bob and Loveda went missing, and they continuously make calls and visit different locales in quest of any information about their whereabouts.

Despite feeling disappointed at times, Victor expressed his heartfelt appreciation to those who had already participated in the hunt and continued to assist.

They understand that they must persevere and reach out to as many individuals as possible to increase the likelihood of locating Bob and Loveda.

Police alerted the Proctor family that the bodies of their beloved Bob and Loveda had been discovered.

The elderly couple had been missing for two days before their automobile was discovered 60 miles from home. Authorities were able to determine that the couple had died inside the car.

Bob and Loveda Proctor had been united for an incredible 70 years, and their deaths have left a vast family in mourning. Eight grandkids and numerous great-grandchildren will miss their grandparents, who were always present.

The family’s grief has been great, and their granddaughter, Laci Fleming, posted a heartfelt statement on a Facebook page to remember the couple. The message in the post was one of hope, implying that the pair were now watching over their loved ones from heaven.

The deaths of Bob and Loveda Proctor are a devastating reminder of the frailty of life, and their unwavering devotion to each other is an encouragement to all.

Despite their grief, the family can take comfort in knowing that the couple’s death was not unusual and that they died in each other’s presence.

May Bob and Loveda rest in peace, and may their family find comfort in their shared love and memories. Let us join in sorrow, sending our heartfelt sympathies to the Proctor family during this terrible time.