After 30 years of marriage, Violeta’s divorce came as a shock. She had anticipated enjoying her second youth, but suddenly she was forced to start over. Thankfully, her optimism and hope helped her discover happiness once again.

“I considered writing to you for a long time, but I lacked the guts and felt embarrassed. I have accepted what has happened at this point. My companion was considerate and had excellent manners around me.

When our children finished school and married, we wanted to relive the romance of our youth. We decided to build a house in the mountains to retire in later life. Although things didn’t turn out as we had hoped, I still treasure those memories.

Two years ago, my husband admitted to being in love with someone else. After some time of dating, he declared his desire to move in with her. I was heartbroken.

I did not anticipate that. He revealed the shocking information to me as we were watching TV. However, he handled it with such grace. He must have realized how hurtful it would be for me. But he was forced to stop lying to me.

I was madly in love with him. I believed we were happy. But I was mistaken. I’m currently working to put the pieces back together and continue living. Even though it’s difficult, I must try.

When he told me, it was good that I was seated in an armchair because I lacked the confidence to confront him and demand an explanation. What about me? Was all I could ask through my tears. He packed his belongings the following day and left. Even though I was angry, I could not place the blame on the woman who had drawn his attention.

I felt terrible for not witnessing his change and allowing him to go. I received a divorce notice shortly after that. I endured so much suffering, and the kids said I was battling for him in vain. I still think it would have been useless to fight for him.

He would later come to regret his choice. I was sure of it. I so began a new life. I sought peace rather than someone to make up for the hole in my heart. I traveled, made new friends, and deepened my bonds with those already dear to me. My husband also returned home at that moment. He appeared awful and was unwell. He wanted to get in touch with us again, but I thought it was too late.

Only then did I start to feel angry and understand how much anguish he had given me. I realized he had treated me like a “poor weather cloak”—someone to offer protection during trying times, but not someone he genuinely cared about. I politely requested him to leave my house in the same cool manner that he had revealed his feelings for someone else to me. I advised him to go to his family and be with the woman he cherished since he belonged there, not next to them.

Even though he is no longer living with his ex-wife and is single, he is still striving to reconcile with his children. He would never marry again if he fell in love since he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. Because life is still worth living at 55, he chooses to spend it wisely and quietly.