Vanna White is negotiating a raise to stay on “Wheel of Fortune” once Pat Sajak departs.

Vanna White, the beloved co-host of the long-running game show Wheel of Fortune, is heartbroken at the prospect of her and Pat Sajak’s eventual departure from the show.

Despite her co-host’s upcoming retirement, White, 66, is determined to continue and negotiate an extension to her contract, ensuring that she continues at the helm of the legendary game show.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the details of the discussions are still being worked out.

White has been gracefully flipping and exposing letters on Wheel of Fortune alongside Sajak for almost four decades and is looking for a raise in her current contract.

Despite earning a few more incentives, her most recent wage raise was a whopping 18 years ago.

White’s current salary of $3 million annually parallels Sajak’s, who reputedly gets five times that much.

Representatives from Sony Pictures Television, the show’s production company, have remained silent about the ongoing negotiations.

Sajak resigned on Twitter, announcing that the next 41st season, which will premiere in September, will be his final appearance as the show’s host.

He will, however, continue to contribute to the program as a consultant for the next three years under the supervision of Suzanne Prete, Sony Pictures Television’s executive vice president of game shows.

While it is not entirely surprising, White’s commitment to continue presenting Wheel of Fortune is remarkable. She revealed her reluctance to leave the show in an honest interview.

“I can’t even think about it.” “We’re a team,” she said, her voice tinged with melancholy. “The idea of parting ways with the show just doesn’t sit well with me.”

Furthermore, White agreed that having someone else host Wheel of Fortune, whether herself or Sajak, would be difficult. “I simply cannot picture it,” she admitted. Pat and I are inseparable.

Pat and Vanna are synonymous with the Wheel of Fortune. Do you know who Ken and Barbie are? For the past 40 years, we’ve lived in each other’s pockets. It would be strange to have someone else flip those letters.”

Fans of Wheel of Fortune eagerly await official news regarding the show’s future and the possibility of Vanna White’s continued presence as its popular co-host as the negotiations progress.