A couple discovering 63-year-old stored McDonald’s fries in their bathroom wall while restoring their home.

Grace and Rob Jones were happy to discover a time capsule while restoring their 63-year-old Crystal Lake, Illinois home. While removing the original toilet paper holder with chisels and pliers, Rob found a strange material poking out of a corner.

After additional inquiry, they discovered two McDonald’s hamburger wrappers and a nicely kept side of fries cached inside the wall. The packages even had the original logo from the fast food restaurant’s debut in 1955.

Despite being wrongly locked up for decades, the find was exceptional for its age, as it still held all its potato-y flavors.

It provided a reminder of how much time had passed, but it also demonstrated that some things stay timeless, such as excellent french fries!

Rob and Grace were overjoyed when they discovered a time capsule while renovating their house. They uncovered McDonald’s antiques, including wrappers bearing the company’s first logo and mascot, Speedee.

Grace recalls her mother’s attendance at the grand opening ceremony of the first McDonald’s location in Des Plaines, Illinois, in 1995.

This gave Rob and Grace the impression that they had been transported back to the beginnings of one of America’s most beloved fast-food restaurants.

Grace told Today about her grandmother’s launch experience with the fast-food restaurant.

She emphasized how amazed and thrilled her grandma was to revisit such a significant event from her childhood, one that she could recall not only the cost of the food but also the atmosphere.

Grace said if someone offered them a reasonable fee, they would gladly part with the original wrappers and french fries stored in a jar above their refrigerator for many years.