The connection between people and their pets simply blows our mind sometimes.

Some individuals will go to any length for their pets. It’s inspiring to hear of people that go above and beyond to provide for their animals. A family just had a special fish tank created so their cat could view the fish better. This serves to highlight the depth of pet-owner affection.

Melissa Krieger, a Cincinnati resident, has always been fascinated by fish tanks. Her cats love the new tank and enjoy watching the fish swim about in it. Four of her cats would occasionally sit and observe the fish.

One of her cats, Jasper, particularly enjoyed watching the fish swim by. Melissa thus had the unique concept of ordering a special aquarium so the kitties could see the fish up close.

Melissa got the idea for the tank from children’s aquariums, where you can poke your head up to watch the fish. Melissa finds it amusing that the cats can raise their heads and see inside the tank.

After she proposed her concept to them, a local business named Aquatics & Exotics developed a unique aquarium with a designated viewing area for the cats.

At first, the cats weren’t sure what to make, but they soon understood how to benefit from it. Jasper was the first to realize he could raise his head from the bottom and look closely at the fish. After that, the cats were immediately hooked. It’s fantastic to see the cats enjoy it, Melissa added.

Thousands of viewers loved the cats’ responses as they observed the fish as the highly unusual aquarium became popular online. The 125-gallon tank cost Melissa $2,500, but she feels it was well worth the money.

“It’s wonderful to see them so happy because you have to engage their minds. The money was worth it, Melissa added. “This is like a TV for cats, and you spend that much on a TV. Jasper rushes over as soon as we feed the fish. He is living his dream.”

According to Melissa, the cats haven’t bothered the fish, contrary to some people’s fears.

Mainly because the fish are used to the cats looking at them. Melissa observed, “They don’t seem disturbed by Jasper. Some of those fish are older than him. In my opinion, they either appreciate it or don’t give a damn. It has been years since this connection began. Our cats get along well with the fish, especially the huge orange parrots.”

What a great idea Melissa had. These cats will never get bored again, as they look to have the best time getting the close-up “footage” of the fish in their home.