You might recognize Mel Gibson’s grown-up son.

Mel Gibson has left an indelible mark on the film business, appearing in critically acclaimed films such as The Passion of the Christ and Braveheart.

His most impressive performance, though, is as a devoted father to his nine children. In 1980, he and his then-wife, Robyn Moore Gibson, welcomed their first child, Hannah.

They had seven additional children together before their divorce in 2011, after 31 years of marriage. Mel had a ninth child with Oksana Grigorieva, a Russian pianist.

He began dating scriptwriter Rosalind Ross in 2010; she has been by his side ever since.

Although Mel Gibson was thought to have moved on from fatherhood, the actor and his wife pleasantly surprised fans with the birth of Lars Gibson in 2017.

Despite his best intentions, he openly confessed in an interview that all parents make mistakes from time to time.

Milo Gibson, his son, reported that his father was very open and encouraging when he discussed his desire to become an actor.

Mel, according to Milo, encouraged and guided him as he pursued this career route.

Milo’s father strongly supported achieving a fulfilling job, inspiring Milo to take action. He tried a variety of jobs but was only genuinely fulfilled once he discovered his calling in performing.

He has starred in numerous blockbuster films since his debut in 2016, including Hacksaw Ridge, Breaking & Exiting, and Brother’s Keeper, but, despite all of his accomplishments, he has yet to get an Oscar.

Milo depends on his father’s advice when acting to stay grounded and genuine in the role by not viewing the camera as an adversary.

As one of the most influential people in Milo’s life, Mel wants his children to achieve their full potential and be happy with what they accomplish.

Hannah Gibson was born in 1980 and is well-known for her work as a makeup artist on her father’s television show What Women Want.

She married famed guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd, featured beside her in the shot, in 2006. They have a daughter and two sons together.

Hannah is a multifaceted woman with a lengthy background in television and entertainment. However, unlike her father, she never sought a career as an actor.

Christian Gibson, one of Mel Gibson’s twin sons, was born in 1982 and worked as a camera operator in Hollywood. He has worked with his father on several films, including Daddy’s Home 2 and Hacksaw Ridge.

Edward Gibson, pictured on the right in the above shot, has chosen a more isolated existence than his brother.

He started Natural Edge, a company that makes custom wood slab furniture. Mel’s third son, William, was born in 1985. He keeps a low profile and rarely appears in public. Hence, there are no photographs of him available.

Louis, Mel’s youngest son, was born in 1988 and preferred creative endeavors to act on camera.

He wrote and directed his film Happy Hunting, which received critical acclaim.

Milo, born in 1990, is following in his father’s footsteps and aspires to be an actor.

In 2021, he was cast as the lead in the film Manifest West, a significant achievement for him.

In 2007, Thomas Mel was blessed with a young boy named Thomas.

This photograph captures Robyn and her loving son, who is just beginning to discover life and its mysteries.

Lucia is the couple’s only child, and they made their public debut in 2009.

Despite her parents’ prominence and fame, she has kept a low profile since then.

After his birth, Mel’s youngest son, Rosalind Theo, joined the family in 2017.

Since he is still too young to comprehend and appreciate his parents’ celebrity, they have done everything possible to shield him from the public.