A 95-year-old nursing home patient is in serious condition after being shocked with a Taser by the police.

The attentive staff of a nursing home in New South Wales (NSW) called the police when they came across a puzzling scenario involving an elderly lady who has dementia and wielding a knife.

The subject of this upsetting occurrence is Clare Nowland, who has remarkable 95-year-old dementia and is now in a severe state after what is being referred to as a “critical incident” at Yallambee Lodge, which is situated close to the peaceful town of Cooma in New South Wales.

Surprisingly, the events resulted in Clare being tasered by the police on a crucial Wednesday. This shocking incident has now sparked an ongoing inquiry to clarify what happened.

Notably, the police had little option but to use their tasers as a final resort after failing to disarm Clare Nowland using more traditional tactics.

Clare was quickly taken to Cooma District Hospital after this sad incident, where her present status is being carefully observed and tracked.

A team created to handle significant happenings has been put together and assigned to study the specifics of the incident to conduct a comprehensive investigation.

An impartial examination of the inquiry will also be done to provide an objective assessment.

NSW Health has emphasized its regretful inability to make formal comments or statements on Clare Nowland’s health during the current investigations.

The prestigious Snowy Monaro Regional Council, which oversees the elderly care home at the center of this tragedy, was not represented by an official spokesperson, who chose to remain silent in light of the continuing investigations.

A spokesman for Yasmin Catley, the Honourable Minister for NSW Police, acknowledged the start of a critical incident investigation by the NSW Police and stated that the seriousness of the issue would take the necessary steps.

During this trying period, the spokesman also expressed their heartfelt condolences and best wishes to Mrs. Nowland and her family.

Clare Nowland is cherished by many people in the picturesque village of Cooma, who hold a particular place in their hearts for her. She has made a lasting impression on the community’s collective consciousness and is well-known and loved by many.

Clare was the definition of vitality and enthusiasm for life, and her daring attitude was vividly on show when she celebrated her 80th birthday fifteen years ago by participating in a skydiving adventure. This fantastic effort won the wonder and respect of her fellow citizens.

She also continued to play golf until age-related restrictions gradually prevented her from maintaining her love of the game.

She was an active member of the exclusive Cooma Golf Club. Clare was frequently seen at the Cooma St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, routinely attending services there.

She has gained the highest respect and admiration for her constant dedication and active engagement in various community initiatives, solidly establishing her as a valued and regarded member of the neighborhood.