Mom posts a video of her infant daughter, but some viewers get incensed after seeing a minor detail.

Parents are responsible for making choices for children up to a specific age. However, it is essential to remember that society and the individuals in their immediate environment may only sometimes support such choices, considering them unsuitable or incorrect.

Many parents post their children’s videos and images on social media nowadays, and some even set up social media profiles for their kids to keep their followers updated on their precious lives.

Lara, a sweet four-month-old infant who has already amassed a sizable following on TikTok, is one of these young social media stars.

Lara’s mother adorably posts many adorable pictures and videos of her daughter on social media. However, a recent image meant to highlight Lara’s development since birth provoked contentious discussions and opposing viewpoints among viewers.

A specific aspect of the picture, which showed Lara soon after her birth, drew the attention of many people. Surprisingly, Lara got her delicate ears pierced despite being just 24 hours old, a sight that shocked and deeply concerned many onlookers.

Naturally, many fiercely defended Lara’s mother and cited cultural norms in which early ear piercing was accepted. Opponents, however, said it was unethical to submit a baby to such a treatment and stated that the choice should have been left up to the kid to select when she was of an acceptable age.

“I just don’t get it. It hurts precisely as much as it does as they get older! Let’s not deceive ourselves, someone said in the comments. Another person asked, “Shouldn’t it be up to them whether or not they want their ears pierced? Once my children are old enough to grasp these issues, I will let them decide.

Lara’s mother felt obligated to explain her choice to get her daughter’s ears pierced at such a young age after going through various comments. She described her decision-making process, including some background information.

“Compared to when pierced at one or two years old, infants with their ears shot during the first two or three days of life have less discomfort.

She emphasized, seeking to allay fears and provide insight into her thinking process, “These little ear holes are produced by neonatologists themselves in the hospital immediately after delivery.

Lara’s mother wanted to clarify that her plan was based on cultural customs and beliefs and the conviction that getting Lara’s ears pierced early would reduce any possible suffering for her child.

However, the continued discussion of this sensitive subject reveals conflicting perspectives on parental judgment and social expectations for children’s welfare.