A blonde and the car

A blonde wanted to sell her car but she couldn’t find any buyers.

She called her friend for advice, and her friend asked how many miles she had on her car. She answered, “235,000”miles.

Her friend told her that was the problem. So the blonde went to the mechanic and told him to put it down to 25,000 miles. A couple of days later the blonde’s friend asked her if she’d sold the car after rolling back the odometer.

The blonde replied, “Why would I sell my car? There’s only 25,000miles on it”.

Here are some more jokes for you:

The Time-Traveling Baker Title: Loafing Through Time

Why did the baker invent a time machine? Because he wanted to knead the dough of history and create a truly timeless loaf!

The Mathematical Cat Title: Feline Calculations

Why did the cat study trigonometry? It wanted to learn how to find the purr-fect angle for naptime in every room!

The Acrobatic Elephant Title: Ele-Vaulting

Why did the elephant start taking gymnastics classes? It wanted to show that even a big, clumsy-looking creature can master the art of graceful trunk flips!

The High-Flying Penguin Title: Penguin Airways

Why did the penguin take flying lessons? It wanted to be able to migrate in style, without relying on icebergs and chilly swims!

The Philosophical Tomato Title: Deep Tomato Thoughts

Why did the tomato start reading philosophy books? It wanted to explore the existential question: “Am I a fruit pretending to be a vegetable?”

The Musical Cow Title: Moo-sical Genius

Why did the cow enroll in music school? It had a real knack for playing the moosic and wanted to prove that it wasn’t just a bunch of bull!

The Magic Vacuum Cleaner Title: Suck-tacular Tricks

Why did the vacuum cleaner start performing magic? Because it always knew how to make things disappear, and now it’s just adding a little flair to it!

The Inventive Fish Title: Fishing for Ideas

Why did the fish start building underwater gadgets? It wanted to make a splash in the world of innovation and prove that not all fish are afraid of technology!

The Ambitious Sock Title: Sock It to Success

Why did the sock start a business? It wanted to show that even the smallest clothing item could achieve great things by finding its sole purpose!

The Psychic Chicken Title: Clairvoyant Clucker

Why did the chicken start predicting the future? It had a knack for crossing roads at just the right moment and wanted to turn its skills into a profession!

The Skateboarding Spider Title: Arachnid on Wheels

Why did the spider take up skateboarding? It figured it was time to weave its way into the extreme sports scene, spinning tricks that would leave you crawling back for more!

The Musical Tree Title: Melodic Bark

Why did the tree learn to play the guitar? It wanted to branch out into a new genre and become the root of some truly inspiring melodies!

The Detective Rock Title: Rock-Solid Sleuth

Why did the rock become a detective? It was tired of being overlooked in geology lessons and wanted to show that it could crack the hardest cases!

The Fashion-Forward Ghost Title: Haute Haunts

Why did the ghost start a fashion line? It realized that it could pull off the see-through look better than anyone else – and now it’s the toast of the ghostly fashion world!

The Gymnastic Banana Title: Banana Bends

Why did the banana start doing gymnastics? It wanted to prove that even though it bends easily, it has a strong core and can roll with the best of them!

The Singing Robot Title: Robo-Crooner

Why did the robot start singing in a band? It discovered that its circuits had a natural harmony, and now it’s programming a new era of musical fusion!

The Motivational Brick Title: Brick by Brick Success

Why did the brick start giving motivational speeches? It realized that every wall it helped build had a story, and it wanted to inspire others to build their own paths!

The Artistic Cactus Title: Prickly Paints

Why did the cactus become a painter? It wanted to prove that even something spiky could create beauty – and it’s been leaving an impression on the desert art scene!

The Coffee-Loving Astronaut Title: Espresso to the Stars

Why did the astronaut bring a coffee maker to space? Because in the vacuum of space, no one can hear you yawn – but they can certainly smell the coffee!

The Stand-Up Chemistry Flask Title: Flask of Laughs

Why did the chemistry flask start doing stand-up comedy? It realized that mixing elements wasn’t the only way to create reactions – laughter works just as well!