For the First Time, a Girl Meets Her 11-Month-Old Identical Twin Sister Born with a Rare Condition: ‘Extremely Emotional.’

Daniel and Marija’s daughter, Nina Sparano, was born with Pierre Robin Syndrome, a rare medical ailment.

A cleft palate, an undersized lower jaw, and a tongue that is further back in the mouth are characteristics of this condition.x

Nina had to undergo multiple operations and intensive therapies after her birth at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in New York City to enhance her quality of life.

Dr. Dennis Davidson, the chief of the Baby and Toddler Unit at Blythedale Children’s Hospital, discovered that their illnesses were shockingly different while being born from the same mother: Nina was born with Pierre Robin Syndrome, while Emma did not.

Despite their differences, both girls are maturing and developing deep ties with one another.

Nina Sparano, a patient at Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Valhalla, finally saw her twin sister Emma on Monday. Her parents, Daniel and Marija, who were 37 and 36 years old, had been looking forward to this emotional reunion for a long time.

While the father described how it felt “simply so lovely” to see his two children together for the first time, Nina’s mother, Marija, embraced her close as they celebrated this momentous occasion. Nina had been receiving ongoing care at the hospital.

Nina and Emma are rare monochorionic diamniotic twins, which means they share one placenta but have separate amniotic sacs. Nina’s sac had developed to envelop her face and cause a cleft palate due to difficulties with her growth in utero.

Their parents were emotionally overcome as they exited the hospital following the successful procedure to separate them. They expressed deep satisfaction that their children would now have a better shot at life, away from the suffocating limitations of an amniotic sac.

Nina was admitted to Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) shortly after birth. Her jaw required several surgeries and considerable pre- and post-operative rehabilitation.

Nina has accomplished several vital developmental milestones since joining Blythedale, including quadrupling her birth weight of 4.5 pounds. Emma had the opportunity to meet her baby sister for the first time outside of Blythedale on Monday.

When Nina and her twin sister Emma were reunited after not seeing each other for a long time since their birth, it was an emotional and happy event for the medical team.

Nina, according to Marija, is a courageous and strong individual who is gradually developing into a beautiful butterfly. She stated her belief that, while the shift may take some time, her daughter will eventually achieve it.