A wedding day is a special occasion meant to celebrate the love and commitment between two people. But what happens when someone tries to steal the spotlight?

One Reddit user shared a story about his brother’s wedding, where their mom arrived in a frilly white bridal gown. He turned to the Reddit community to ask if he was wrong for taking action.

According to the user, his older brother and sister-in-law had been dating for seven years before deciding to get married. The user was thrilled for them, as he held deep respect for the couple. However, their mother didn’t share the same level of excitement. Just days before the wedding, she threw a tantrum over something trivial, leading the couple to believe she might not even show up.

To the couple’s surprise, not only did the mother attend the wedding, but she showed up wearing a dress that could easily pass for a wedding gown. It was clear to everyone that she was trying to draw attention to herself and steal the spotlight from the bride. The bride herself only noticed her mother-in-law’s attire as she walked down the aisle, but she decided to carry on with the ceremony to avoid causing a scene.

The situation took an interesting turn during the wedding reception. The Reddit user, determined to teach his mom a lesson, filled his glass with red wine and “accidentally” spilled it on her dress after tripping. The mother was furious and had to go back home to change, missing a significant part of the reception. When she returned, she was dressed in an outfit that the groom had purchased for her.

Some of the people close to the groom and the Reddit user were aware of the plan and supported his actions. They felt that the mother deserved a taste of her own medicine. The Maid of Honor even praised him, saying he deserved an Oscar for his performance. In the end, the Reddit user’s mom stopped talking to him, but he had no regrets, as Redditors rallied behind him.

Many people agreed that the Reddit user did the right thing by standing up for his brother and sister-in-law on their special day. They were appalled by the mother’s selfish actions and her conscious decision to make everything about herself.

The story resonated with the Reddit community, with many expressing their support for the Reddit user’s course of action.

What are your thoughts on this story? Should the Reddit user have taken action, or should he have let things be? Share your opinion with your friends and family on social media!