Family matters can sometimes become messy, especially when members don’t see eye to eye. One 23-year-old woman recently shared her story on Reddit about her relationship with her brother and how it took a turn for the worse when he accused her of ruining his family.

The woman explained that her brother had three kids, a five-year-old and three-year-old twins. Whenever he needed someone to babysit, he would simply drop off his kids at her place without checking if she was available.

This happened multiple times, and although she loved spending time with her niece and nephews, she was frustrated that her brother never considered her own busy life.

One day, she was on her way to a friend’s place when her brother called and demanded that she babysit his kids because he and his wife had plans. She explained that she couldn’t help as she had prior arrangements, but he disregarded her and said, “Sucks for you, then your plans are canceled.”

She made it clear once again that she couldn’t take care of the kids, but he ignored her and threatened that if anything happened, it would be her responsibility. In response, she warned him that she would involve the police if he dropped off the kids without her consent.

To her dismay, when she arrived back home, she received a notification from her doorbell and saw her niece and nephews waiting outside her door. Panicking, she asked her friend if they could turn back and deal with the situation. Once home, she called the police, who advised her to care for the children until her brother returned.

Refusing to take on this responsibility, she contacted Child Protective Services (CPS) to ensure the children’s safety. Sadly, the kids were then taken by CPS, but she reassured them that they would be well cared for and not to be scared. She spent the night at her friend’s place.

In the early morning, her brother called her asking where his children were, and she informed him that they were with CPS. He became angry, yelling and hurling insults at her. The situation escalated, resulting in her brother and his wife losing custody of the kids and facing charges of endangering a child.

OP, the woman who posted her story on Reddit, was asked to become the legal guardian of the children. She accepted the role but kept it a secret. However, her brother eventually discovered that his kids were with her and began relentlessly contacting her through phone calls and social media, accusing her of ruining his family.

Despite the backlash from their family, the woman found solace in her grandfather, who supported her decision. Over time, she started to feel less guilty about the whole situation.

In her Reddit post, she explained that she unconditionally loved her brother’s kids and enjoyed spending time with them. However, she emphasized that if her brother needed her to babysit, he should have made proper arrangements at least 24 hours in advance.

Many Redditors were supportive and agreed that she was not in the wrong. Some speculated that losing custody couldn’t have been easy and that there might be more to the story. They also pointed out that she had warned her brother about involving the police, but he chose not to listen.

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