A woman dressed simply and with a sad face, entered a supermarket!

A woman in an unassuming outfit and a forlorn expression entered the supermarket. She asked the proprietor if she could take some items and pay for them later, explaining in a meek voice that her husband was gravely ill and unable to work, leaving them with seven children who needed sustenance.

The storeowner, unsympathetic to her plight, commanded his security guards to throw her out of the establishment. Undeterred by this rejection, the desperate mother persisted in pleading that she would reimburse him as soon as possible.

Motionless, the storeowner reiterated that he could not give food on credit to someone he had never met before. At this moment, an eavesdropping customer by the entrance noticed their conversation.

The customer approached the store owner, expressing his interest in accompanying his wife on her shopping trip. However, he was ignored. Out of curiosity, the storekeeper called out to the woman and asked if she had brought any kind of list with her.

She replied affirmatively and, in response, the shopkeeper suggested that she place it on a set of scales so he could calculate its weight as he provided items for her purchase.

Hesitantly, she complied and when she placed her paper list on it, the scales sank considerably as if a large stone had been deposited upon them. Both the shopkeeper and customer were flabbergasted at this result.

The shopkeeper had placed more and more food onto the other plate of the scales, yet the woman stood motionless.

Stricken with frustration from seeing her goods remain unchanged on the scale, she suddenly noticed a piece of paper tucked away in between her worn-out clothes. She pulled it out to read its contents and was perplexed by what she found.

It was not a shopping list as expected but rather a heartfelt prayer that said “God, You know my needs even before I can ask for them; I place this situation in Your hands”.

Touched by her faith and humbled by her devotion, the storekeeper offered her all the food on the scales free of charge. As she departed, he blessed her with warm wishes that echoed within his heart as a reminder of this special moment shared between them.