A portion of an epidural needle was discovered lodged in the spine of a woman who gave birth 14 years ago. A c-section was performed on Amy Bright, 41, in a Jacksonville, Florida, hospital. Only two months later, she experienced her first episode of intense back pain, which has plagued her life ever since.

A 3 cm-long bit of needle was discovered buried in her spine during a CT scan last year. At that point, the needle allegedly snapped off. She reacted with amazement, rage, and horror when she realized this.

This made her realize that the epidural she had gotten for Jacob’s birth more than ten years ago was the cause of her pain.

Amy’s movement has been heavily limited by nerve damage in her left foot and leg.

She said that the discomfort she has experienced for the past 14 years is due to scar tissue resulting from the needle moving inside her spine. Amy has visited numerous doctors, who have given her various prescription drugs to aid her agony, but the pain still exists.

Next to my tailbone, it feels like fire and is scorching. She said it periodically runs down the left side of her calf and into her foot.

Bright and her attorney, Sean Cronin, filed a case against the federal government because the needle permanently damaged Bright’s nerves. Cronin claims that the unsuccessful attempt at spinal needle insertion that took place in September 2003 was the fault of Florida’s Naval Hospital.

He alleges that despite knowing about the damaged needle and having the opportunity to prevent the injury, staff employees did nothing to address the issue. Bright is currently claiming negligence against the Naval Hospital.

The doctor warned that Amy might experience irreversible paralysis if the needle is not removed soon away. It has reached the point where it just burns continuously. I’m very worried about the future. “[My leg] is getting weaker,” she stated. I’ll most likely be in a wheelchair.

“I’m terrified because I don’t know what the future will bring. I’m afraid and wary.” If the needle is not taken out immediately, the doctor warns that Amy risks paralysis that would last a lifetime.

“The discomfort is so severe that it feels like a never-ending burn. I’m terrified of the unpredictable future.”  I have no idea what to anticipate, and this is incredibly unsettling.

We can’t help but wish her all the best, both regarding the law suit she intended against the federal government, but more importantly, we pray for her health and that she will be able to get rid of the ‘burning’ feeling she has in her back. May you find justice, Amy!