The twin nieces of Princess Diana, Lady Amelia, and Lady Eliza Spencer, who are 29 years old, recently moved from Cape Town to London. They sat in the first row and wore glittery short gowns to the Versace runway presentation on Friday at Milan Fashion Week. They continuously posed for pictures.

During New York Fashion Week, Michael Kors was recently pictured with Lady Amelia Spencer and her sister, Lady Kitty Spencer. The two sisters appeared during London Fashion Week as well. Lady Amelia Spencer looked magnificent in a tiny, black dress with a round neck and a cut-out on the thigh that displayed a grayscale pattern.

Lady Eliza’s sister, on the other hand, looked as fashionable in a light purple dress with black lace details. She, too, wore a V-neck dress, but hers was paired with a dainty black purse and sparkly heels.

Two of the most stylish young women in society are Lady Eliza and Lady Amelia Spencer. They have been swamped this week, attending parties and events related to London Fashion Week. They participated in a party on Tuesday with their younger brother Samuel Aitken and sister Lady Kitty Spencer.

The Spencer twins have a reputation for being classy, and this week has been no different. Lady Eliza, who had her blonde hair down and added some extra shine with diamond earrings, was just as gorgeous. A lilac handbag and matching high heels were the ideal accessories for Lady Amelia’s little black dress.

Amelia and Eliza follow in the path of their older sister Kitty, a successful model who became a staple of the London social scene before embarking on her modeling career.

The duo was recognized earlier this year as being among the sexiest and most stylish socialite siblings worldwide. They are used to mixing with supermodels, aristocrats, and royals by the society bible Tatler.

According to Lady Amelia, the twins have always gotten along well. They are inseparable since they have mutual friends and interests. In the future, Samuel intends to enroll at Edinburgh University, following in his brother’s footsteps.

Given that it would give him the same opportunities as his brother, he feels that this is where he belongs. He can continue his education at Edinburgh University and learn practical knowledge and skills there.

The socialite also made fun of the fact that he rarely covered his abs, joking that he typically doesn’t even wear a shirt at home. He continued by comparing himself to Tarzan.

After moving to London with their boyfriends this summer, the stunning twins gained notoriety. The two discussed their childhood in the upscale Constantia neighborhood in an interview.

They claimed to have a typical, happy childhood and did not utilize their titles outside the United Kingdom. They remembered selling artwork to raise money for food for stray cats and dogs at a neighborhood orphanage.

Other activities included football, competitive croquet, and hide-and-seek. The house was always filled with friends and family when they were little girls.

Amelia noted their recent move to London, “Cape Town was all about the sea, hiking, horseback riding, tennis, netball. ” After graduating high school and college, we felt satisfied and had no desire to move, but we have grown more confident over the past several years.

Everyone in London seems so driven; it motivates you to reach your full potential.”  Amelia, who has been seeing Greg Mallett for a while, said she prefers a “smaller” wedding than her sister Kitty. She replied that each of us has distinct tastes.

Being neighbors in London and barely 20 minutes apart, Amelia and Eliza, represented by Storm Model Management, look forward to achieving their ambitions.

Amelia wants to plan weddings, while Eliza intends to work as an interior designer. Although they were raised in Constantia with their father, Victoria Aitken, and mother, they spent much time in the UK.