According to acquaintances, Lisa Marie Presley did not want to sit next to Priscilla at the Golden Globes.

Priscilla Presley is fighting Lisa Marie’s testament, and as a result, Riley Keough has taken over the management of Graceland. Supporters of Lisa Marie have spoken out about Priscilla’s challenge to her daughter’s final wishes.

According to a confidante of the departed, Priscilla, who has been in control of the Elvis estate for many years and earns $900,000 per year, still needs to extend her contract with Elvis Presley Enterprises.

There was an unexpected seating arrangement for the star-studded Golden Globes in January 2023. Despite their difficult relationship, Lisa Marie Presley was obliged to sit next to her estranged mother, Priscilla.

Lisa Marie’s friend, who had known her for over a decade, was outraged by the scenario. “Lisa would be furious!” they exclaimed.

“She hasn’t wanted to see her mother in years and has been purposefully avoiding her… put them on the spot.” Lisa Marie brought Jerry Schilling, a longtime Elvis friend, as her chaperone to ensure she wasn’t left alone with Priscilla.

Meanwhile, Lisa Marie’s two youngest girls are well cared for by Riley, her trustee. The acquaintance added that Riley is fortunate to be so dedicated to this job as a trustee and that Lisa can rely on her to look after them during this challenging time.

Following Lisa Marie Presley’s unfortunate death, her lawyer announced that Graceland, her father Elvis Presley’s former home, would be left to her three daughters: Riley, 33, and twin sisters Harper and Finley, who are only 14 years old.

This decision has elicited conflicting opinions from the family circle, with some believing it was by Lisa Marie’s wishes and others arguing it goes against their mother’s wishes.

According to one insider, Riley seeks a solution to keep the family together while honoring her mother’s memories and legacy. Yet, there appears to be growing tension on this matter, as Priscilla’s challenge to the late Lisa Marie’s decision could further sever an already frayed familial bond.

Legal representatives acting on Priscilla’s behalf filed a formal document in Los Angeles court at the start of the year, questioning the legality of a change made to Lisa Marie’s trust in 2016. This change had removed Priscilla from her role as co-trustee and given those obligations to Keough.