Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have been married for more than 20 years, and they recently talked about some problems in their marriage.

On the first episode of Kelly’s SiriusXM podcast, Let’s Chat Off Camera, and the two talked about how envy could be hard to get past in their relationship.

They stated that communication is essential for them to work through any challenges and maintain the strength of their marriage.

Throughout the episode, they explored how they dealt with various periods of conflict in their relationship and how being open with each other has helped them stay together.

While it hasn’t always been simple, they both understand that being truthful with each other is critical to sustaining a good and happy marriage.

Mark Consuelos, 51, and Kelly Ripa, 52, feel their marriage has grown stronger with time. They’ve overcome any issues through open communication and hard work. Ripa’s envy was a significant source of contention for them.

This was a complicated matter for her to accept and a terrible circumstance for Consuelos to bear.

Fortunately, they could move past it with an effort from all parties and a willingness to comprehend each other’s points of view.

Kelly Ripa shared a story about her recent elopement with Mark Consuelos. Mark found the situation annoying, but Jane was delighted with the gesture. An older waiter in Boston referred to her as a “princess” in Italian.

He fought with the older man about the waiter’s warm words for her. Kelly was dissatisfied because he opted to exacerbate the matter rather than show his admiration for her.

At the age of 25, Mark Consuelos’ envy consumed him. But he knew it was a flaw in his character and was filled with rage at his emotions, and he couldn’t shake it.

He eventually decided to work on himself, which caused a shift in perspective and gave him control over his emotions.

Kelly Ripa’s role in this affair is equally significant. She altered her behavior, most notably by abruptly ceasing their chats following an argument.

Both could move past the issue that had plagued them for so long by accepting responsibility for their faults and making purposeful improvements.

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa have been open about their relationship for a long time, most recently sharing one of their pet peeves on Ripa’s podcast.

Consuelos explained that when the pair is upset on the phone, they tend to hang up on the other person, which he finds incredibly unsettling when the call comes from afar.

Ripa concurred, attributing her behavior to her upbringing in a “renowned family of hanger-uppers.” Both, however, were eager to point out that none of these complaints were ever serious enough for them to consider it a deal breaker.

Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, have been through ups and downs in their 26-year marriage. As Ripa puts it, the relationship is anything but static; a healthy partnership necessitates a constantly evolving dynamic.

It’s like a heartbeat: death would be approaching without its flow, peaks, and valleys. To ensure that their bond continues strong as empty nesters, the couple sought counseling to help them manage any challenges that may emerge.

Consuelos is determined to keep working hard for the rest of his life, but he also wants to be ready for any problems that might arise now that there are fewer outside distractions.

According to Consuelos, counseling has dramatically benefited people battling destructive behaviors.

He stated that its accountability keeps individuals from falling back into old patterns they may have previously held to.

They can improve their connections and adjust their behavior through counseling.

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