Why did Joanna and Chip Gaines’ son Drake abandon their large family?

Joanna and Chip Gaines recently finished a stunning makeover of a castle near Waco, Texas. Together with their interior design work, the couple must also manage their five children, aged 17 to 4.

Drake, their eldest son, has moved out for all the right reasons! He is in college, furthering his education away from the family home.

Joanna focuses on the bittersweet change that her eldest son, Drake, will face as he embarks on his next adventure to college.

Despite the unavoidable pain of losing her firstborn, she has plenty to be thankful for, especially the presence of her youngest child and muse, Crew.

Joanna said in a comment with a video of their creative session that the Crew seemed especially excited by the bright flowers.

Chip and Joanna Gaines recently shared a precious moment with their youngest son, Crew, when they were photographed spending quality time together in a lovely garden.

The young one was delighted by the bright flowerbeds and foliage he spotted on his family outing.

Followers of the duo couldn’t help but admire their lovely chemistry and suggested that the Crew use its program to raise awareness about the importance of kindness and taking time for oneself.

Curiously, Chip and Joanna attended Baylor University but only met after graduation.

Chip received a degree in marketing and business administration in 1998, while Joanna pursued a degree in communications only a few years later, making them an even more admired power couple!