Weddings are joyous and one-of-a-kind, but reading about the beautiful acts of kindness performed at these gatherings maybe even more memorable.

Elizabeth and Scott were preparing to say their promise on the crisp morning of January 27, 2018, in Sydney, Australia. A surprise awaited the husband as he prepared to go down the hall with her five-year-old son.

Unknown to him, Elizabeth had planned a unique performance that would severely affect him and bring tears to his eyes.

Scott began to lose his hearing three days before their wedding and became entirely deaf in a short amount of time.

Elizabeth had requested that lovely music be played as she made her way toward the altar to respect his hardship and celebrate the couple’s undying love for each other.

It was an unmistakably extraordinary act that moved everyone in the room. Elizabeth had been studying sign language for two years before the couple’s marriage.

Her hard work paid off three months before their wedding when she memorized a love song in the silent language.

When Scott saw his wife’s accomplishment, it moved him to tears and overcame him emotionally. Elizabeth got comments from people worldwide thanking her for inspiring them with her extraordinary dedication and passion.

Many parents of disabled children have informed me that my story has given them hope that their child may one day be able to find true love and acceptance.

These comments have been the most encouraging because they show how powerful sharing our stories and experiences with others can be.

It not only helps people going through similar problems feel better, but it also shows that everyone can be loved and welcomed, no matter their condition or situation.