On the first anniversary of his mother’s death, Alec Baldwin turned to Instagram to pay poignant tribute to her enduring legacy.

Carol Baldwin’s death on May 26, 2022, left a vacuum in the Baldwin family, but her steadfast dedication to breast cancer awareness and research lives on.

Carol is remembered lovingly by her six daughters, 25 grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren, demonstrating her significant impact on her family and loved ones.

Alec Baldwin expressed his thoughts on the demise of the Baldwin family matriarch, saying, “It is still difficult to comprehend that over a year has passed since we lost my mother.”

While we mourn her presence, we are committed to honoring her tremendous legacy.” He praised The Baldwin Fund, a cause dear to his mother’s heart, and urged people worldwide to join their steadfast struggle for transformative change.

Alec made an impassioned plea to his followers in the 1990s to support his mother’s heroic battle against breast cancer.

He encouraged people to “assist us in carrying forward the mission she so bravely embarked upon—to love, display compassion, and, ultimately, find a cure.” Since its foundation in 2001, the Baldwin Fund has funded approximately 60 notable research initiatives.

Alec Baldwin’s forthcoming announcement of his mother’s death in May 2022 was a moving tribute to her remarkable life.

Carol fought through her struggle after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1991, not just for her well-being but also for the other women battling a similar battle daily, experiencing the grueling and terrible road alongside her.

Alec praised his mother for her essential contributions at SUNY Stony Brook, where she had an enduring influence following her cancer treatment, highlighting her remarkable achievements.

In 2022, Alec stated, “the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Study Fund was founded on the Stony Brook campus, thanks to the constant backing of the university’s then-president, Shirley Strum Kenny.”

The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Care Center opened in 1996 and is a living memorial to her legacy at Stony Brook Medicine.

Carol’s effect will be seen far beyond her time with us because of the center’s compassionate dedication to caring for hundreds of breast cancer patients annually.

Furthermore, the institution offers a comprehensive survivorship program, which provides continuous care to patients who have overcome cancer but still require advice and aid in navigating life after illness.

Alec Baldwin’s path over the past 19 months has been difficult, beginning with the sad events of October 21, 2021, on the Rust set. In an unfortunate event, Baldwin accidentally discharged a weapon, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

Though first charged with two counts of involuntary killing, these charges were eventually dropped in April 2023, marking a big step forward for Baldwin as he deals with the fallout from the tragic events.

He reportedly confided in his wife, indicating a wish to retreat from public view after this terrible catastrophe.

Alec was recently mired in controversy when reports of an incident involving a server surfaced at the 2023 PEN America Spring Literary Gala on May 18. According to witnesses, Baldwin appeared irritated when the waitress began placing plates on the table while he was conversing with someone else.

“It seemed as though he felt it was impolite of her to start setting down plates while he was standing there,” one person said, referring to the waitress’s astonishment by Baldwin’s outburst. Nonetheless, the exchange was brief, and not all attendees appeared aware.