Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin, couldn’t handle the pressure.

In the latest episode of her podcast Witches Anonymous, Hilaria Baldwin addressed her audience after learning that her husband, Alec Baldwin, will be charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on set last October.

She graciously expressed her and her family’s gratitude for the empathy and understanding shown to them during such a difficult time.

She expressed profound gratitude for the ongoing support from those around them, saying, “Sincerely, we would fail without it. As a result, I’d like to thank you for being our rock during this difficult time.”

Hilaria was especially moved by everyone’s willingness to stand in solidarity with her family, and she recognized that sometimes just standing still is an act of strength.

She emphasized how much she appreciated their encouraging messages, as it has been a trying time for them all.

Finally, Hilaria expressed gratitude to those who have sympathized with her family during these trying times, saying that while they may not always feel strong or capable of moving forward on their own, their love and compassion will help them get through it.

Dr. Hillary Goldsher and podcast co-host Michelle Campbell Mason then talked about “parenting through hard times and how to take care of not only your kids but yourself during them” on the show.

Hilaria stressed the importance of understanding that children are like sponges, quickly picking up on their parents’ energy and emotions, even when the subject matter is inappropriate for their age. She expressed her desire for “everything to be sunshine and rainbows all the time” for her children.

Dr. Goldsher responded with an alternative approach: teaching children not to fear emotion, pain, or difficulty because these enable us to become more resilient and capable of coping with difficult situations throughout our lives.

Michelle added that this is a blessing because it teaches children that these feelings come in waves and will pass; it reinforces the idea that better times will come in due time.

Hilaria Baldwin recently emphasized the importance of being kind and compassionate to those around us, reminding her audience that we can all go through similar struggles and that we should be good friends to as many people as possible. She thanked everyone for their kindness and support for her and her family.

Santa Fe County District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies and special prosecutor Andrea Reeb recently announced that Alec Baldwin, 64, and armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed would each face two counts of involuntary manslaughter. According to reports, these charges will be officially registered by the end of the month.

This news has come as a surprise to many who saw Alec and Hilaria as examples of solid commitment during their time together. Their fans have been highly supportive of the couple during this difficult time in their lives.

Alec Baldwin and the other Rust creators, including Joel Souza, will face no criminal charges concerning the shooting that killed Halyna Hutchins. Baldwin’s attorney, Luke Nikas of Quinn Emanuel, stated in response to the ruling that the decision was unjust and “distorts” Hutchins’ death.

Nikas said that Baldwin had relied on his team of experts when they assured him that the pistol did not contain live ammunition, so he had no reason to doubt them.

Though Nikas claimed they would fight the charges and win, a wrongful death suit brought forth by Hutchins’ widower, Matthew, had already been settled in October. As part of the agreement, Rust will be finished with Matthew as executive producer, and filming will begin soon.

The prosecutors’ decision has sparked outrage and criticism from family and entertainment industry members. Many are now considering the implications of this ill-advised ruling for future safety procedures used on film sets.

Regardless of where one stands on Alec Baldwin’s guilt in this tragic case, the sad reality is that Halyna Hutchins died due to inadequate safety standards on set.

While some may see this as an isolated incident with unintended consequences, others have taken steps to ensure that similar events never happen again.

Even today, the debate over who is to blame for her death and the implications for future safety laws continues.

In the aftermath of the tragic accidental discharge of a prop gun on set, which killed 42-year-old Hutchins, Hilaria admitted to Extra in December 2022 that she was deeply concerned for her husband Alec, who was holding the gun at the time it was discharged.

She described the difficulty of comprehending and accepting what had happened, emphasizing that every day is different when dealing with a difficult situation. She showed up and told her children that she was there for them and would care for them to help them cope.

Ilaria Catalina Irena (four months old), Maria Lucia Victoria (two months old), Carmen Gabriela (nine years old), Eduardo “Edu” Pao Lucas (two years old), Romeo Alejandro David (four years old), Leonardo Charles (six years old), and Rafael Thomas are the family’s five children (seven years old). Despite their young ages, they have all had to confront the harsh reality that life can be unpredictable and even unbearable sometimes.

Hilaria observed that even on the darkest days, there are moments when things are bearable. However, nights can still be challenging and dreams difficult to achieve—in such trying times, having someone who is always there for you makes all the difference – something Hilaria provides for her children.