Missy Robertson opens up after her daughter Mia’s surgery.

Mia, 17, had just undergone her 14th cleft palate surgery, and Missy displayed some of the first images of her daughter following the procedure.

Missy expressed her gratitude for all those who supported them during this difficult time in an accompanying caption, specifically thanking people for their kind words and prayers. She also mentioned that, while Mia still has a long road ahead of her, she has made remarkable progress since her last surgery.

The Duck Dynasty star said it had been a beautiful weekend filled with faith, family, and plenty of food. She then expressed gratitude that everything had worked out well for them.

The Robertson family was reunited on Resurrection Sunday, a day of great joy and hope. The Duck Dynasty patriarch, Phil Robertson, shared a post in honor of his granddaughter Mia. She was born with a cleft palate, an opening in the roof of her mouth that had been repaired several times with bone grafts since 2012.

Multiple generations of the Robertson family gathered to rejoice in the mighty miracle bestowed upon one of their own by God on Easter Day and this incredible milestone in Mia’s journey to total health.

Phil expressed his gratitude for everyone’s prayers on Twitter and how moved he was to meet Mia, whom he described as “lovely,” and see her doing well after such a long ordeal.

The Importance of the Resurrection Sunday’s significance within the family seemed to be lost on no one; it served as a reminder that one day we will all be free of physical pain and exist eternally.

This upbeat message was encapsulated in the captions accompanying the photos posted by the Robertsons, encouraging others to strive for a better future as Mia did.

Mia Robertson’s parents faced a medical challenge when doctors had to break her jaws to adjust her lower jaw back physically and her upper jaw forward.

This has been a challenging experience for the family because they cannot give Mia pain medication. After all, she must remain alert in case she chokes.

Fortunately, doctors created a 3D model of Mia’s mouth and jaw that matched Missy and Jase’s expectations. Mia is still expected to suffer from swelling for the next twelve months while under the care of specialists, but she has kept those who follow her story up to date on her progress.

During this time, she has most enjoyed staying at home and playing card games and piano with Jase, who has maintained his competitive spirit despite Mia’s illness.

To help those suffering from similar facial deformities, the family established ‘The Mia Moo Foundation,’ which raises funds for cleft lip and palate treatments and awareness about the condition.