In 2000, Sinead Kerr and her brother John competed and took home multiple European medals for their accomplishments. The Kerr siblings’ routine at the World Figure Skating Championship in Gothenburg, Sweden, thrilled the crowd. Nearly 2 million people have viewed their performance on YouTube because of their iconic movements. This is one of their finest routines.

Scottish figure skaters and the Kerr siblings became the first athletes from their nation to take home a British title. They were also the first British skaters to win a medal at the European Championships in 1994.

The brothers, who have since retired, have found success off the ice, with Sinead working as a model and actor and John succeeding as a singles skater. Since Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean, they were the first British ice dancers to place in the top 10 in the European Championships. They continued to work with Christopher Dean and performed this performance in 2007 and 2008.

The famous twins, dressed in traditional Scottish attire, try tricks that defy gravity while maintaining perfect balance and a smile the entire time. The audience applauded and whooped throughout their rendition of “Auld Lang Syne.” Later, in an interview, Sinead revealed:

“We needed something light enough not to weigh down the costumes, something red to stick out on the ice. A whole kilt requires eleven yards of fabric.” The duo’s confidence and excitement while skating were remarkable, and the inclusion of highland dance on skates further added to the wonderfulness of their performance.

Sinead and John were already excellent singles skaters. But once they came together, they immediately emerged as a formidable force. Anyone viewing would feel uncomfortable because their performance hangs upside down, and at one point, Sinead is seen clutching John’s leg in the palm.

Despite the several speed changes, they consistently maintained excellent synchronization with the music. Their efforts ultimately resulted in a silver medal.

Winter sports like ice skating have been practiced for a long time. It is a well-liked sport with yearly contests and is even included in the Olympic Games. At the World Figure Skating Championships, the twins’ customary performance captivated the hearts of many spectators.

The siblings performed each task to the highest possible level of technical proficiency. They did a lot of complicated maneuvers with such ease, and everything was flawless! The traditional song “Eren’s Green Shores,” to which the siblings performed their performance, turned out to be the ideal accompaniment. They gave a stunning demonstration of movement, elegance, assurance, and control during their performance.

One of the most extraordinary bonds you can have is the one between siblings. This video is the ideal illustration of it. We still have recordings like these to remind us of their skill, even if these two are no longer skating.

The video below features their outstanding performance.