Stevie Wonder. The singer-songwriter has released hundreds of songs over the years and received awards from all around the world. In addition to his musical ability, Stevie Wonder inspires many people due to his blindness. It is incredible to consider how much he has accomplished despite his disability.

This is Stevie Wonder’s story. So how did it begin? Was he blind from birth, or did it develop later?

Despite being blind, Stevie Wonder is a fantastic musician who has found success in many different genres. Steveland Hardaway Judkins was born in Saginaw, Michigan, on May 13, 1950.

Wonder showed incredible musical skills as a child and started learning to play instruments early. Later, he joined Motown Records, and a string of hit songs he put out helped him become well-known.

Throughout his career, Wonder has kept up his music production and touring, entertaining people worldwide with his unique abilities. He is an inspiration for everyone who struggles in life, not just other artists. Stevie Wonder is an example of someone who has achieved everything they set their mind.

Wonder’s first few months were, to put it mildly, eventful. He wasn’t born blind, despite popular belief. Stevie Wonder was prematurely born and placed in an incubator when he was just six weeks old.

During his time in the incubator, he received too much oxygen, which led to the destruction of a portion of his eyes. Retinopathy of Prematurity is a disorder that causes the eyes’ development to stop, leaving a person blind.

He went to Detroit with his mother when he was four years old due to his parent’s divorce. Wonder exhibited a solid musical talent at an early age. He was a church choir member and later picked up playing other instruments.

There was no denying his brilliance; he became one of music’s most illustrious figures. Wonder’s blindness has significantly impacted his life, yet he feels no ill will against the doctor who delivered him prematurely and gave him too much oxygen. He continues to spread his skill worldwide and is grateful for the gift of music he was given.

An uncle gave Wonder a harmonica, and he rapidly mastered playing along with the music he heard on the radio. He was influenced by blues music, and after getting a pair of drums for Christmas, he quickly switched to playing them. Stevie Wonder also related a tale of how other kids bullied him as a young child.

That didn’t pull him down; instead, he used it as fuel to move on in life. Stevie Wonder first studied the harmonica and drums before switching to the piano. But it wasn’t all roses at first. He explains that others perceived him as the blind boy who always made noise by banging on boxes or walls, singing, and playing the bongos.

Stevie Wonder persisted in the face of obstacles. He kept on polishing his piano abilities and practicing, and finally, others began to notice his gift.

He started doing shows and making CDs, and today he is among the most popular and successful artists in the world. We can all learn from Stevie Wonder’s narrative that no matter what obstacles life throws, we can always overcome them with perseverance and hard effort.