An intruder tackles a 67-year-old woman who has 26 years of martial arts training.

Lorenza Marrujo was only 5 feet tall and near the end of her life. She seemed like an easy target for a thief who wanted to enter a senior care home.

When the robber chose to break into this older woman’s residence, they had no idea what they were getting into.

Lorenzo had been practicing martial arts for two decades and was ready to deal with this unwanted invader.

She courageously confronted them, demonstrating that age should never be used to scare anyone, especially people who have lived virtually their whole lives.

As Lorenza entered her flat, she was accosted by an intruder. She told him to leave, and after one look at her, he turned and walked away.

Nevertheless, she soon heard a cry from her 81-year-old neighbor Elizabeth McCray’s house. The intruder had decided to target Mrs. McCray rather than Lorenza.

Unfortunately for Mrs. McCray, the man told her he would hurt her if she didn’t leave the area. Lorenza moved quickly and used her training and skill in martial arts to protect her friend Elizabeth.

Even though she was afraid they wouldn’t make it through the night, Lorenza refused to give up. She called the police and then helped them herself.

After years of preparation, she was confident in her talents and knew she had to act if she wanted to save them both. Lorenza stepped forward, resolute, and shook the aggressor until he fell.

She had 26 years of experience that she was eager to use.

Lorenza gave a clear account of how she dealt with the intruder: she put herself between him and Elizabeth.

Lorenza emphasized that she would not be worried about any damage to the offender because he had no right to hurt an older adult.

When the police got to the call, they found Lorenza securing an invader on the ground bravely. Elizabeth had already been admitted to the hospital but was released the next day after treatment.

The offender was arrested and detained. The authorities discouraged people from taking matters into their own hands, but one can only imagine what would have happened if Lorenza hadn’t intervened.

Let us honor this brave woman who risked her safety for the sake of others.