Blake Shelton “Stabs Gwen Stefani in the Back” On ‘The Voice,’ Gwen Stefani Shakes With Anger

An inexplicable fight round between Cara Brindisi and Jay Allen followed on the latest episode of The Voice season 22, forcing Gwen Stefani to make a difficult choice between the two.

Don Henley and Stevie Nicks sang the hit song “Leather and Lace,” Both singers exhibited their incredible talents, finally putting Gwen in a predicament.

While eventually choosing Cara as the winner, she couldn’t let go of Jay and used her one save on him—unknown to her, her husband Blake Shelton had an even bigger surprise in store for her.

Blake indicated, with trademark anger, that he was willing to steal Jay from Gwen’s squad if she picked him. Gwen was left spinning with surprise and dismay at the ultimate Voice betrayal due to his hustle.

The Voice crowd was taken aback as Blake Shelton made an unexpected move that offended Gwen.

Fans of the popular NBC comedy praised Blake’s technique, with one YouTube user observing that he “is the show’s heart, soul, raw talent, and comic relief.”

Other viewers were as enthusiastic, with one fan calling him a “legend” and another saying it would be difficult to imagine the show without him.

Carson Daly, the show’s host, was as surprised, expressing his doubt as he observed Gwen’s husband’s use of a save vs. steal between them.

Gwen was not thrilled with Blake’s plan to use his stole for humorous effect. “My husband will make sure he pays for it,” she stated on the show, suggesting that the consequences of his actions would be felt shortly.

What new strategies will Blake utilize to get a laugh and stay out of trouble? We’ll have to see what else he has planned for this season.