Matthew McConaughey displays his son’s severe surf injuries as “souvenirs.”

Levi McConaughey, Matthew McConaughey’s adolescent son, recently had a tragedy while surfing.

The Dallas Buyers Club star uploaded a snapshot of his son on Instagram, revealing the scars he sustained and referring to them as “souvenirs.”

Levi was shown standing confidently behind his bright green surfboard. His tanned skin was covered in large white bandages, and a pink dressing was in the middle of his back.

The kid surfer most certainly paid the price for enjoying a day of exhilarating waves and practicing new skills on the board.

Matthew, an actor in his early fifties, shared a photo of his son with bruises and scratches on his skin.

His caption stated, “Surf souvenirs,” as if he were unconcerned about the injuries. This got a lot of responses from his fans, who were worried and scared about the picture, but Matthew didn’t seem to care.

One user laughed at the sight and said, “We call them nature’s tattoos, brother!” Another person admired the image, saying it reminded them of their childhood and the misfortunes that were a part of it.

In the comments section, a third person pointed out the differences between men and women, saying that men were likelier to say things like “that’s a boy,” while women were more reasonable to say “poor baby!”

Levi McConaughey, the eldest son of Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey, is the oldest of his three children.

Along with Levi, he and his wife have two other children: daughter Vida, 13, and son Livingston, 10.

Camila Alves was on a plane when it unexpectedly plunged 4,000 feet in minutes, causing several individuals on board to be hurt.

She posted on Instagram about the 45 minutes of turbulence they had undergone. Stuff was flying everywhere.

The passenger described the scene as chaotic, with the turbulence arriving abruptly. Her husband later tweeted that the short lightning bolt that rocked the plane broke some unprepared passengers.

Those not wearing seatbelts were especially at risk because there was no lit sign or message to warn them.