Brendan Fraser Cries When About His Autism Son: ‘I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way’

Brendan Fraser spoke with Howard Stern about his experiences as the father of an autistic child, his eldest son Griffin, who was diagnosed with autism as a young child.

Fraser has made it a priority to help and increase awareness of people with autism by attending public events and providing them with aid and understanding.

He has stated that being the parent of an autistic child is both problematic and highly gratifying. Despite his illness, Griffin has matured into a young adult, and Fraser is proud of his perseverance and courage.

Actor Jim Carrey has grown to appreciate the unique characteristics of persons on the autistic spectrum and is eager to express his admiration.

He finds satisfaction in seeing someone across a conference hall who may be autistic or have Aspergers. He takes time out of his busy schedule to provide them with more compassion and attention when he comes across them.

Despite his celebrity, Carrey avoids the “frenzy” that often surrounds him in favor of meaningful moments with individuals he knows to deserve it.

Fraser emphasized the importance of his presence to autistic children and their families, emphasizing how it can provide comfort and reassurance.

Stern contributed to this by expressing many parents’ anxiety about their child’s well-being if both parents die.

Fraser then advised everyone to take a step back and recognize that there may be times when alternative techniques must be tried until a good answer is found.

He also emphasized that people with autism should not be left alone but welcomed with open arms as they navigate life’s complexity together.

Fraser claimed he was surprised when he learned of his son’s health situation and promptly sought solutions. He was eager to learn more about the sickness and how to treat it.

Despite the enormous shock and terror, Fraser emphasized that the best way to deal with any unexpected scenario is to remain assured that everything will be fine. To accomplish this, one must have faith in their abilities and convictions, even in uncertainty.

After getting hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat, Fraser was left perplexed, unable to comprehend what had happened.

He talked about how upset he was that doctors didn’t seem to understand that autism often happens without an apparent reason.

Despite this unexpected event, Fraser discovered a silver lining and expressed gratitude for his son, who offered him so much joy.

He mentioned how his son finds humor in even the most ordinary things and enjoys going on vehicle journeys; it didn’t matter where they went because he always seemed to have a good time.

Brendan Fraser spoke up about his old colleague and buddy Griffin Dunne, who is suffering a terrible illness.

Despite his health, Dunne would spend days flying in and out of Philadelphia because it provided him joy, according to Fraser.

When asked if Griffin’s illness affected his relationship with his ex-wife Afton Smith, Fraser stated that he had placed his professional obligations over his obligations.

Nonetheless, he clarified that such concerns would be set aside to focus on assisting Griffin and his brother through this difficult time. As a result, his disagreements with Afton have become insignificant in comparison.