“We’re sorry for your loss,” Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Whole World Weeps.

The late Jim Lorimer, co-founder of the legendary Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s close friend died lately.

The great bodybuilder wrote an emotional post on social media to remember his friend and honor his legacy. Many of Lorimer’s fellow athletes posted condolences in the comments section, showing how highly they thought of him.

Schwarzenegger conferred the highest honor in bodybuilding, his namesake event, on the fallen athlete as a mark of respect.

This extraordinary honor has never been conferred upon another contestant, making it a historic occasion for Lorimer and all who knew him.

James Lorimer, a co-founder of the Arnold Classic and a long-time FBI agent, mayor, and national track coach, died on November 24, 2022, at 96.

He had a significant impact on bodybuilding. He and Arnold Schwarzenegger collaborated to make the sport more popular by launching the now-famous Arnold Classic event.

What began as an event in 1989 has since evolved to become a significant worldwide bodybuilding competition, second only in reputation to the highly well-known Mr. Olympia contest.

Celebrities and prominent bodybuilders have paid respect to Jim Lorimer’s efforts in this regard, expressing support for his legacy through passionate posts commemorating him and his accomplishments.

Lorimer’s friends and colleagues recalled him affectionately on Instagram, expressing sorrow that they would no longer be able to share stories and laugh in his company.

Schwarzenegger, a pioneer in the bodybuilding world, was one of George H. W. Bush’s most trusted advisors. He relied on Lorimer’s advice while making crucial decisions during his presidency.

Several athletes and other celebrities expressed their condolences in the post. The bodybuilding community experienced a heartbreaking loss with Jim’s untimely death.

Other athletes, like the famous Jay Cutler, paid tribute to the dead sportsman by expressing their sorrow and appreciation for his life.

The touching message touched everyone who knew him and extended to others whose lives he touched in some way.

Feelings of sorrow and admiration were exchanged, as was the recognition that his spirit would continue. His family and friends can take comfort in knowing he will always be in their hearts, even if he is no longer physically present.

The death of Jim Lorimer was deeply mourned in the entertainment scene, especially by a close friend and Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger extended his sympathies to the Lorimer family and praised their closeness as friends despite their varied backgrounds.

As he reflected on his life’s path, he encouraged others to appreciate how swiftly time flies and to embrace the people they love in the present moment.

His words, which revealed a steadfast friendship between two guys from entirely different worlds, moved several other people.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was Joe Weider’s student. In 1970, bodybuilding fan and event organizer Jim Lorimer asked Schwarzenegger to attend an event in Columbus, Ohio.

The two guys instantly formed a deep bond and vowed to collaborate to raise awareness of bodybuilding as a popular sport throughout the United States. This dedication resulted in the establishment of the Arnold Classic in 1989.

Lorimer’s excitement and desire for athletics have contributed to the rise of bodybuilding and other sports in Columbus and worldwide.

He has done great things because he has worked hard and inspired many athletes, including Arnold Schwarzenegger.