By the age of 13, Christopher Reeve’s son had lost both parents. He is now an adult and resembles his “Superman” father.

Christopher Reeve’s role as the famous superhero Superman has left an indelible mark on people’s minds for hundreds of years.

Unfortunately, his life was cut short when he was only 43 due to a horseback riding accident that left him paraplegic from the neck down.

Even though this event changed his life, Reeve showed a lot of courage and perseverance by continuing to work as an actor and writer and doing good things for others.

His eldest kid was just 13 when his parents died, and he has grown up to appear remarkably like his father.

Will Reeve, the 30-year-old son of the late Christopher and Dana Reeve, is admired for his dedication to his parent’s legacy.

Will was a close child to his father, and their closeness was strengthened when Christopher suffered paralysis and respiratory failure.

Despite these medical challenges, Christopher inspired Will by teaching him how to ride a bike, cheering him on, and guiding him step by step.

Will was devastated when he lost his beloved father when he was 11, but he was also determined to continue what Christopher had started.

Will’s parents, Christopher and Dana, were an inspiring couple who left an indelible mark on their son with their unwavering commitment to making a difference in the world.

Unfortunately, both died within two years of each other when Will was 13 years old, leaving him bereaved and living with family understanding.

Will aspires to honor his parents’ heritage as an adult professional working for ESPN as part of SportsCenter by raising money for charity causes.

He credits them with instilling in him the qualities he now embodies, recalling fondly: “Their enthusiasm for everything is what set them apart.

They were passionately committed to making a difference in the world in any circumstance.” Will assures that his parents’ memory will not be forgotten by honoring their memory and aspiring to follow in their footsteps of compassion and service to others.

Will warmly recalls his childhood as “completely typical” when asked about it.

His parents were the ones who enforced the rules and taught him the most important lessons, such as turning off the television, eating healthy, and going to bed at a reasonable hour.

The young man resembles his father and accepts the comparison graciously.

He emphasizes that what genuinely distinguished his parents was not their physical characteristics but rather their inner beauty, which he aspires to replicate.

Although mourning is inevitable after such tragic losses, Will chose to focus on the happy memories of his loved ones rather than allowing melancholy to take over his life. This enabled him to continue with dignity and respect in their honor.

Will Reeve, the late Christopher Reeve’s son, carries his father’s legacy through his work with his foundation.

Will frequently repeats his father’s message: “an ordinary person can find the strength to conquer any difficulty if they have the hearts and determination.”

Also, Christopher is among the 25 most intriguing people alive, which Will is happy to share with their readers.

If you want to understand more about Will’s life and philanthropic foundation, watch the video below.