This couple lived in a sewer for 22 years.

Maria Garcia and Miguel Restrepo had reached rock bottom; they lived on Colombia’s streets, fighting addiction, misery, and desperation.

They found peace in one another, and over 22 years, they conquered their heroin addiction.

Although their house lies in a sewer hole, it means everything to them both. It has become a symbol of protection and hopes for them as they have walked the difficult road to recovery from addiction.

An open sewer provided them with a haven from poverty and homelessness. Despite lacking amenities, they appreciated the warmth, light, power, and even a little kitchen.

They decorated it with festive decorations on significant occasions to make it feel more like home.

They had a faithful companion in Blackie, who functioned as their friend and guard dog on their journey to recovery.

Despite their unique challenges and traumas, they found peace in each other through this mutual support system.