Celine Dion is ‘thrilled’ to provide an update on her life-changing health battle.

Celine Dion, the acclaimed singer of the heartbreaking ballad “My Heart Will Go On,” has taken a step back from the public eye since her diagnosis of stiff person syndrome near the end of 2022.

Despite her health issues, she maintains a passionate relationship with her fans through her social media activity.

Amidst her difficult health journey, the 55-year-old artist delivered some exciting news, introducing another recognized figure into the elite ranks of L’Oréal Paris.

Celine, a worldwide ambassador for the brand since 2019, reshared an enthralling photo of Kendall Jenner, who was just introduced as the new face of L’Oréal Paris, the luminous figure gracing their makeup advertising, on her Instagram Stories.

Kendall wore an oversized hoodie with the brand’s strong message, “I’m Worth It,” a remarkable resemblance to Celine’s gear during her affiliation with the firm.

Celine’s crew exuded joy as they captioned the photo, “Delighted to embrace the extraordinary @kendalljenner into the @lorealparis family! – The Celine Team.” Then came a string of hashtags: “LOrealParisFamily #Reveal #NewAmbassador #Worthit.”

Celine is sympathetic to Kendall’s sentiments about their newfound collaboration. When Celine was named the face of the Excellence Hair Color line, the “Think Twice” singer couldn’t wait to instill a sense of “empowerment” in others.

She emphasized her wish to use her voice to instill sentiments of beauty, confidence, and self-love in others in a 2019 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, an idea she had not anticipated, especially at 51.

Celine elaborated on her careful decision-making process before signing on the dotted line, reflecting on her affiliation with beauty industry heavyweights.

“I gave it serious thought because, if my endorsement was contingent on it, I wanted to foster genuine belief.” As women, we struggle with today’s societal demands, which are frightening.”

“L’Oréal Paris, by providing women with various tools to boost their self-esteem, resilience, and assertiveness, struck a deep chord with me.” “It was an honor to accept the role of global ambassador, representing women worldwide,” Celine said.

Meanwhile, while Celine has kept a low profile about her health since her initial disclosure in December 2022, her sister, Claudette, has recently infused a glimmer of optimism into the hearts of her admirers, implying a possible return to the spotlight.

Claudette, 74, appeared on the Quebec television show Bonsoir Bonsoir and described her sister’s perseverance and strenuous efforts in managing her symptoms.

“We’re all collectively holding onto hope,” Claudette said, “and I appreciate the genuine concern people have shown.”

“She is putting in relentless effort,” she told the show’s host, Jean-Philippe Wauthier, “and we maintain a steadfast belief in our capacity to overcome.”

Claudette’s encouraging statement follows Celine’s heartbreaking decision to cancel her substantial global tour, which had been postponed multiple times owing to her health condition.

She expressed her determination to regain her strength in a moving statement. Even in the best of conditions, she emphasized the difficulties of touring.

“I extend my heartfelt apologies for disappointing you once again,” she said with a touch of resilience. It’s an injustice to keep rescheduling events, and despite the emotional toll it takes, it’s better to cancel all obligations until I’m truly ready to regain the stage.”

Understand that I am not giving up on my dreams, and I eagerly anticipate the day we can rejoin!”