The sisters of renowned singer CoCo Lee confirmed her untimely death, arising from a sad suicide attempt, in a touching Facebook statement. CoCo Lee left the world at 48, leaving a vacuum that will never be filled.

According to her elder sisters, CoCo attempted suicide within the boundaries of her own house, necessitating rapid treatment.

Her long battle with melancholy forced her to make such a painful decision, eventually leading to a profound sleep from which she never awoke.

CoCo had been dealing with this debilitating mental condition for several years. Still, according to the Facebook post, her recent months had seen a fast deterioration in her overall well-being.

Despite her persistent drive to overcome the shadows of despair and her unwavering pursuit of professional assistance, the internal demons she battled proved insurmountable.

CoCo Lee, born in Hong Kong, started on a life-changing trip when she moved to the United States at nine. She eventually returned to her roots and embarked on a musical career that would push her to unparalleled heights.

Her appearance as the main character in the 1998 Chinese translation of the popular Disney classic “Mulan” was her breakout performance, winning her great recognition. Her performance of the Mandarin version of the song “Reflection” struck a chord with people worldwide.

CoCo not only left a lasting effect on the entertainment business, but she also etched her name in history.

She broke down barriers by being the first person of Chinese origin to be appointed Chanel’s Asia brand ambassador.

She also became the first Chinese American to perform on the Academy Awards stage, enthralling the audience with her beautiful version of “A Love Before Time” from Ang Lee’s classic, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

Throughout the early 2000s, CoCo Lee reigned supreme as a dazzling pop phenomenon thanks to her remarkable talent and incomparable personality.

CoCo has recently taken on the position of judge in different singing competitions and reality TV shows, utilizing her expertise and experience to develop emerging talents.

“CoCo is also known to have exerted tireless efforts to pave the way for Chinese singers in the international music scene, going above and beyond to bring glory to China,” her sisters wrote in their post. We are very proud of her!”

His biological mother, her husband Bruce Rockowitz, a well-known businessman who was the CEO of Hong Kong supply chain giant Li & Fung at the time, and her two stepdaughters survive her.

Her death has devastated her sisters, who had an unbreakable bond with her. Her absence has left a valuable vacuum in the lives of all those she has touched.

If you live in New York City and are struggling with suicidal thoughts or a mental health crisis, know that help is accessible.

For free and private crisis counseling, call 1-888-NYC-WELL. Outside the five boroughs, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 988 is available 24/7, or you can visit for help.