Ed Sheeran offers an emotional update on his wife’s cancer battle, Cherry Seaborn.

Ed Sheeran, a singer-songwriter who has won many awards, recently said that his new album, Subtract, will come out soon.

In an emotional Instagram post, he shared how he came up with the idea and the sad news that his wife, Cherry Seaborn, had a tumor while pregnant with their second child, Jupiter.

The statement struck a chord with fans worldwide waiting for more information on the album’s progress. Ed talked about the terrible and sad event that inspired him to make his record.

It had been under production for nearly a decade before being discarded and rebuilt in a week due to an unexpected and catastrophic chain of events.

His pregnant wife got the sad news that she had a tumor that could not be treated before she gave birth. Ed’s best friend Jamal, who he thought of as a brother, also died suddenly and without warning.

He felt overwhelmed due to the combination of fear, melancholy, and worry; he felt like he was underwater with no way to come up for air.

In May 2022, Ed and Cherry’s family was thrilled to meet their daughter, Jupiter. The singer-songwriter tweeted a picture of her tiny socks to celebrate her birth and show how much he and Cherry love their new daughter.

Ed had poured his emotions into his music to make an honest album that reflected his experiences, and the pair had been through a lot in the last time

He told his fans Cherry was improving and asked them to tell her how much they loved and supported her.

Despite the couple’s choice for solitude, Lyra Antarctica, their other daughter, has never been publicly seen.

Ed Sheeran hasn’t said anything about his partner’s tumor, but we hope she gets better quickly after the baby is born. Many of his followers look forward to hearing what he has in store for his upcoming musical release.