When a father and son are killed in a car accident, the boy suddenly opens his eyes and says five words that make his mother faint.

Julie Kemp’s life was irrevocably changed when her beloved 8-year-old son, Landon, was hurt in a car accident. The awful impact of this catastrophe on the bereaved parents is difficult to grasp. Yet what happened next stunned the entire family and the whole neighborhood.

Following the collision, Julie and her husband Andy were driving home from church when an ambulance appeared out of nowhere and struck their car, with Landon in the backseat.

He somehow survived the crash and returned to his sobbing mother, only to deliver a shocking message that would live in her mind forever.

Andy, unfortunately, perished on impact when the collision occurred. Julie had suffered terrible injuries, and emergency responders rushed immediately to treat her.

Landon was undiscovered in the backseat until a little shoe alerted the rescue crew to his location. The rescue staff attempted valiantly to revive him, but it appeared hopeless until he began to breathe again after a few nerve-racking minutes.

He was taken to the hospital for further treatment while the team worked to save Julie.

Landon’s chances of survival appeared bleak after suffering severe brain damage. His mother, Julie, told CBN that the medical staff told her he would be the size of an 8-year-old child if he survived.

After two weeks in a coma, Landon miraculously opened his eyes and could see correctly. This defied all expectations and astounded the on-duty doctors and nurses. It was nothing less than a miracle.

When she questioned his father’s location, Julie was startled to hear his son Landon’s reaction. Rather than responding to his location, he gravely declared that he had seen his father in paradise.

Julie’s eyes welled up with tears as she was forced to accept the truth of her husband’s death. To bear this information, Landon must have witnessed some divine revelation that confirmed his father’s death.

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Sometimes there isn’t a logical explanation for what happens…

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