Being at the right place at the right moment isn’t always enough to ensure success. It often requires courage to demonstrate your willingness to speak up for those who are weak and in need of assistance.

Skateboarding in an underground parking garage, Arnaud Nimenya, Carsyn Wright, James Hielema, and Starlyn Rives-Perez saw something unexpected. These four young lads will never forget the encounter that changed what was intended to be a regular night out.

An older man was carrying the young, drunken girl through the club, which scared the boys. The girl appeared dirty and beaten, was screaming and yelling, and was in horrible condition. She didn’t want to be there.

The man claimed to be her father when the lads tried to help the girl get rid of him. They decided to back off when she remained silent in response. Wright remarked, “You shouldn’t assume the worst about someone like that. You hope for the best.”

The four Canadian teenagers might have easily ignored the man leading an intoxicated 15-year-old girl through an underground parking garage. It was more straightforward for the teenagers to flee when the man pretended to be her “father’s friend.”

The guys started questioning the man after he claimed he was only watching after her because they were perplexed. They were unsure what to do because the girl made no objections or protests. They questioned whether they should leave it alone.

When the boys came back, they discovered the man molesting the girl. The image stunned them, and they stepped in to save the woman’s life. This choice emphasizes how crucial it is to trust your instincts and follow them. In this instance, it genuinely saved a life.

The attacker attempted to flee the parking lot as the young men ran in his direction. The young men managed to detain the attacker until the police arrived because they knew the need to act immediately. According to Nimenya, the attacker shoved him out of the way and smirked as if to say, “This is something I can handle. There is nothing you can do about it.”

The young heroes were desperate to stop the attacker, and when he began beating them with one of their skateboards, they got into a violent altercation.

Fortunately, the police showed up promptly. The boys were relieved that the woman was no longer in danger. The boys were invited to the Chief’s Awards Gala, where they would be honored publicly and receive awards as a token of the police officers’ gratitude for their bravery and courage.

These young men’s deeds genuinely move us. They took a life-threatening risk to assist a helpless woman in a challenging circumstance. Their bravery serves as an example for all of us. I appreciate your courage.