George Maharis has passed.

George Maharis, a renowned actor best known for portraying Buz Murdock in the acclaimed CBS drama series “Route 66,” died at 94.

Maharis received tremendous accolades throughout his career and was nominated for an Emmy for his remarkable performance on the show.

During the creation of the third season of “Route 66” in 1962, Maharis was diagnosed with hepatitis, which resulted in a month-long hospitalization.

Unfortunately, his condition prevents him from continuing to film at the moment. However, Maharis triumphantly returned to the series after demonstrating remarkable resilience and determination.

Regrettably, he suffered another recurrence, forcing him to leave the show again. In a forthright 2007 interview with Route 66 News, Maharis claimed, “The doctor’s words echoed sternly, ‘If you don’t leave immediately, you’re at risk of either succumbing to death or suffering from chronic liver damage.’”

Maharis continued his difficult health journey, revealing that it took him nearly three years to recuperate and restart his career fully.

Following his death, followers took to Twitter to offer their respects to the late actor. One commenter expressed anguish, saying, “Oh, the sadness is overwhelming.” On Route 66, I adored him. Friday nights were packed with excitement as we awaited his brilliance.”

I’ve always admired him for his contributions to television and film. I had the pleasure of meeting him more than 30 years ago.” Another fan shared their connection, adding, “We had frequent phone conversations during my time at Equity.”

Even after I retired in 2019, he sent me a heartfelt card with a lovely inscription, which I pledged to keep.” Maharis’s long-term health issues did not detract from his excellent acting career.

Throughout his life, he demonstrated his extraordinary talent in various stage musicals, television series, and feature films. In the mid-to-late 1960s, he appeared in films such as “Sylvia,” “A Covenant With Death,” “The Satan Bug,” and “The Happening,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

According to the prestigious New York Post, one of Maharis’ final appearances was in the 1993 thriller “Doppelganger,” in which he co-starred with Drew Barrymore.

The versatile actor also contributed substantially to television, landing various parts, including a memorable spell on ABC’s “Fantasy Island.”

Furthermore, Maharis’ musical talents left an unforgettable imprint on the music industry. His song “Teach Me Tonight” reached No. 25 on the renowned Billboard charts, establishing him as a multi-dimensional musician.

Maharis was just the second actor in history to appear in a revealing photo shoot in 1973, demonstrating his boldness and breaking down boundaries.

Maharis’ loved ones remember him fondly as a talented performer and a respected person. Marc Bahan, his dear friend and dedicated caregiver, paid poignant respects to the late actor on Facebook.

“George’s enormous fame stems from his memorable role on ‘Route 66,’ his outstanding stage performances, captivating singing, and evocative paintings.”

“Dear friend, you will be greatly missed,” Marc said beautifully, encapsulating the heart of Maharis’ legacy. Above all, he was a kind guy who was always willing to extend a helping hand to anyone in need.